Am a Doctor, i Earn N500,000 Monthly, Marry me and Collect Half of My Salary, Lady Says

Am a Doctor, i Earn N500,000 Monthly, Marry me and Collect Half of My Salary, Lady Says

Here in Nigeria, Some people believe that is very important and vital for a female to be a Career woman, a resourceful woman among men. As it is said that if a woman can be able to achieve a lot of things in the field of her career, then she can be measurable with some men, and it will not be so difficult for her to find a man who she will settle down with. But sometimes the reverse seems to be the case in some scenario.

As the saying goes that “what a man can do, a woman can do even better”, has changed the mindset and the ideology of some ladies in Nigeria. And they forget that what worked out for a Man can not work out for a woman. A Man choose be single or a Bachelor and still Marry at the age he wants. But a woman can not choose to think in that direction, why because the beauty of a woman fades away at some stage of her lives.

But in the other Hands, I want to use this medium and privileged to tell and advise ladies, that they should never compare themselves to men. What worked for a man might not work out for you as a Lady. Men have their own parole and lifestyle, the same applicable to women. They parole is totally different from the men.

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Initially I thought being a career and resourceful woman here in Nigeria will earn a lot ground and achievement, but I have come to realize that no matter what you achieve, no matter your level of Education, no matter how rich and influential you are, if you don’t have a man that you will attach your name to, you are then incomplete as a Nigerian woman.

My name is Dr Esther and am 38 years old. I have gotten a lot of recognition by some Medical firm because of my level of educational achievement, but I have a big problem. Am already 38 years this year, but am still a spinster. I still have not find a man who will love and Marry me as his wife,. Upon my level of achievement, I still feel incomplete.

Money is not my problem because I earn about N500k I have few bills to settle every month, so virtually I have nothing to do with money, money in actual sense is not my problem. My problem is that I don’t have any man who I can call mine. No husband that I will spend the rest of my life with. Am almost getting to the stage where I won’t be able to conceive and bear a Child, and yet am still single.

Although I have had series of relationship in the past. O have dated Men who is older than me and boys who I am older than, because I wanted to give love a chance in my life. But it stands that all this men that came my way where after one thing, my money and not genuine love. And this is the problem I have in relationship, I love quickly and genuinely.

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I seriously need a man who can feel in the gap of love in my life. I have decided to give love a chance again in my life. And hopefully, the next person that will come into my life will come to stay, and not to come and eat and clean mouth. And he can be rest assured that he is getting half of my riches and achievement, if only he can agree to marry me and make make me a happy woman. Money is not the problem. We will have enough to train our children.

Anyone who is interested can indicate in the comment box below, and I will choose to contact the one person that my spirit wants or accept, that’s what I intend to do.

What is your thoughts on this, do you think she is desperate to find herself a husband, irrespective of the fact that she is 38 years?

If You are interested please Comments and Identitfy yourself, stating why you think, you are the best man for her.

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    • I am Engr, Bello Muhammed, i work with NTA, i can marry you as my second wife and i promise you by God grace everything will be smooth provided you agree with my religion. I dont need half of your income. All i want is to prove to you how islam treat women with care,support,humility and adourable with or without money. Note, we are all eqaul befor God.

    • Dr. I. O fame. (Dr. Of letters). With due respect we can do it laughing. WhatsApp me on 08063860426

      • I must see you in person to know whether I will accept. Because I hate be played, I am tired of woman pranks. If you are exceptional, then call my WhatsApp number 07039088811. Bye

    • Firstly permit me to say love doesn’t cost a thing! Princess Esther you deserve the best. Let my actions speak for me as a Christian with God fearing heart… Hope to hear from u at your earliest conveniences by Gods grace.. U can call or whatsapp me 08060002486. Because I wish to make my nicest makeup your prettiest smile for good and forever in God glory…

  1. Your challenge is fairly that of ignorance. Having wrong perception of life is the major problem of humans. you still don’t know what’s first.
    It will be very difficulty for you to find true love if you continue with this your pride and impatient with yourself. Having husband or finding one is not the problem but you being a wife material is surely the problem.
    Give your life to Jesus genuinely, I assure you b4 the expiration of six months you celebrate.
    Merely making a show of your problem is worst than the problem itself.

    • Absolutely beautiful I’m really interested in you have read all you said out there I’m single I never I got into relationship which lead to married with you I believed everything gonna be. Okay with me and you I love the way you are and also wanna spent my life with you I leave in port Harcourt here is my WhatsApp number which you can reach me +2348076507414

  2. Money isn’t everything in life, rather love is the main reasons for a successful relationship, if she can love and respect me, humble herself to me, as her husband irrespective of her wealth, then I will marry her.
    Hope she is beautiful and charming? Have a good character?

    My name is Mr Sunday Okere,
    Am Igbo by tribe, from IMO STATE.
    CONTACT LINE: 08182409263

  3. Been pride in life is not the best rather bring down yourself and let GOD ALMIGHTY’S life you up cos money is not everything cos you can not use money to buy love , but let the will of GOD Almighty’s be done in your life time okay .there is this adage which say ” THAT LOVE DOES NOT BELONG TO THE BODY BUT TO THE SOUL;

  4. Wow you are a beautiful lady but you should know that money is not everything just be your self mean why am kenneth Jumbo by name from Rivers State Bonny island am also a single father of adorable daughter

  5. Goodday can you contact me on whatsapp no 08069685509 you i will open up to you Bcos i am strong lover a. trail will convenience you hoping to hear from you

  6. Good day… Though you forgot to give us a full picture of yours. Well not actually the problem but the major issue now is that, if you actually need a man that can call you his, God will help you and as you come across this and if your mind really convinced you, you can reply the message to forward the details so that we can know ourselves more.

  7. I am Emmanuel, stay in Kaduna the best I can say to you now is that let chart, this my wassup number 08057
    126857,then we can start

  8. I have always wish & wanted to marry a career woman. I can feel ur pain but u just av to knw that money isn’t everything & not a criteria for happiness…well if you wouldn’t mind, can we get to talk privately on 08064168092

  9. You think money is everything abi,just pray to God to have mercy on you and give you a first class husband.

  10. I didn’t need your money,am not rich but Allahamdulillah for everything in life, will you honor me islamically,in Sha Allah,I will be there for you,07086802030, Yakubu Abdulkarim by name, masalam

    • Hello my dearest, I am certain I am the man you desire to share life with. Kindly WhatsApp or call me on 0719988217. Regards

  11. I pray you get the one GOD has given you but you need humility,go to a place where u r not known,Live a medium life in search of the can now show ur money to him when u see he love u.if u want to be my friend,call me 08115687979

  12. I will marry you and I do not want your money and I will take care of all your expenses
    Yes if you are ready to talk to me on WhatsApp

  13. If my Pastor prays over this proposal and confirms your goodness then l wed you without reservation or hesitations !

  14. Lovely dear. I think your time to be favour is now. Its not just for ur achievement but if is God’s will.08076401781.

  15. Am Abdullai Mohammed from Ghana am single and i need to settle down with someone serious who is Also ready to settle with me my WhatsApp number is+233242060233 call me on de same number email [email protected]

  16. I am Konlan ligbatib patrick, I am a Ghanaian and I really appreciate you and hope you give me a try and I know you will not regret giving me your time. [email protected] or whatsapp on+233243834617. Am a Christian and pls if you’re not a Christian Don’t give me feedback because I love my Bible and it will be difficult to change please.

  17. Send me your WhatsApp number and I will pray with you, if you believe that if the two of us on earth agrees as touching whatsoever we shall ask of the father, that it shall be done, Matt 18:19 my phone number is 08038532251, if only you believe, Godfrey is my name

  18. Am Adetunji Tunde,if it is God wishes ,am interested and let give love a chance money is not every thing’s but happy family. WhatsApp me on did phone no 08032083638.Thanks

  19. Careful dearie most of these guys Na scam them don hear money them are all showing interest ………… would like to be your friend though just friends nothing more 08106865913

  20. My name is Max,a business man,a Nigerian,actually need some one like u, can we talk and we take from there.+233 20 8587176

  21. True marriages does not bothering (money is not a priority)IAM single Zambian looking forward to Mary call or Whatsapp me on +260 968165466 or +260 975020255 for more information

  22. My name is David, I’m from Akwaibom State I’m into Finishing design in a house. It has been my dream to get married to a Doctor perhaps I found you. For many years now I’ve not been involved in any relationship ‘why’ beçause I’ve not seen the kind of woman I want. But today i can proudly say that my heart choose you, please kindly give me a chance

  23. I’m here for you Dear, don’t have enough to say but even doe nobody is perfect but we try to be best

  24. Beautiful woman like you need not to advertise money for her to get married, every man needs peace and love at home not money, if you are genuine let go….

    • Hello dear Esther, my name is Anthony. My advice is to pray and ask God to lead you to the right man that will love you just the way you are and not for love of your money. You can reach me on phone 0815 855 9956. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  25. Am oluwaseun by name, am from ogun State, am 40 yr old am back complaint call me to talk better 08140013263

  26. I am Christian by name. At first I take the story as a fiction. I d wish to have a heart to heart conversation with the lady in question if it’s true. Call or WhatsApp chat me on 07069011989. Thanks

  27. I’m sorry hear this from beautiful lady like you despite the facts that you have good job and earned a reasonable amount. If you are really serious with what you seeking for , I will gives you happiness if you don’t have any sickness and if you are ready to add value to my life because I believe that happiness is most important in life , So if you are waiting for marriage it’s might be little difficult for now because most men don’t ready for it all of them are liers but God destiny to meet you or have chance to chat with you truly I will explain something to you and gives you the best . I am Adekunle from osun and I’m engineer . 09053639688 call or text me . Thanks.

  28. Hi baby in all things trust and believe God,am cool let’s chart a little on my whattsapp number 08146047919 OK.

  29. Sorry to say this, for what in God’s name will a lady ask for marriage in this generation with all the money she has..pls Dr. Esther come out real and explain the reasons for, because being 38 years is not all.. there is more to this

  30. I am “SHALOM” from River State Nigeria but currently here in Ghana for a visit. I will be very grateful if you can give me few minutes of your time to talk privately. WhatsApp +233506060037

    • Love is a thing of spirit,so go according to your heart.Firstly put it in prayers,then also watch best of luck for you to find a friend not husband good luck

  31. The first step in loving someone is learning to listen to them. If you don’t want to listen to them then how do you expect them to want to listen to you! listening to each other is the most valuable thing you can add to any relationship. Love is just like faith. It knows no limitations, no boundaries and no impossibilities. No matter how many times you tried or failed, it has never surrendered to defeat. Never quit praying on it and trusting God for it. Am kkelvin by name and am from Rivers State, you can call me on 08109267286 and also on email which is [email protected], I may not promise what you want until I hear from you.

  32. My name is Victor a consultant and a pastor please I had similar experience too and i think we need to discuss first, money or no. Money that is not the problem call me on WhatsApp 08033965707


  33. Ani Ntuk is my neme , I don’t show interest because of the benefit attached to the relationship, I want us to know each other first, then you can take your final dessision. My contact 08087142646.Awaiting your reply, thanks

  34. Call or whatsapp me on 07012832070…we have something in common though I am 10yrs older than you…Iyke

  35. Good afternoon Dr. Esther. I will be delighted to know you. Please be well guided by God on this matter. I suggest you let us meet first on Facebook. Samuel O Akinwande. Please stop having apprehension about your single status before now. God knows how and when to reward you for your services to mankind

  36. I am NJOKU VALENTINE…. I am willing nd ready to live nd cherish u if u can humble ursf nd she me genuine love…

    We can get married nd spend eternity tgeda…

    My no is 08035750371… Lets chat on whatsapp.

  37. Me I don’t want your riches only if you are serious use that riches fly to my country every weekend I will be waiting for you
    Call me or whatsapp on +256781465922

  38. You are putting the cart before the horse, how are you sure you’ll a genuine love in this manner?
    Our stories are similar. Let’s get acquainted and find out if we are meant for each other. WhatsApp me on 08030486910.
    Best wishes from here.

  39. It’s quite unfortunately that everyone is showing interest in the girl because she made mentioned of how much she earn in a month, too bad, listen guys, money is not everything in life, if you wanna love that lady, genuinely show interest and not to come and chop and clean mouth..

  40. Hello also a holder of MBA from ssikim manipal University india.i live in Uganda and the truth is that am searching for my other half in God I trustit may be me.we could chat more and get to know if we are compatible if at all you what’s up number is +256702339277.

  41. Men sha, hope this isn’t a scam. In case u saying the truth, im inviting u to my church in Lagos next Sunday…. My pastor will pray for you, and the right person will come for you between 1 week
    WhatsApp me +2348121885910

  42. True love isn’t all about money.Its who’s gonna be there for you in times of trials and tribulations. I can marry you without your money.08113240890

  43. I bast in Abuja am a farther of 6 I need a window or mature lady we can build a home together with the little I have +2348068884719

  44. As for me, am not born with a silver spoon, I would have loved to fill the vacuum, you are pretty , nothing to chat privately, if you need my profile you can call me 09063645544

  45. Am Obinna by name! You are such a pretty heart, that deserve someone nice, am 44, I have a pretty daughter 3 going to 4 by May. I know you are a Lady with a nice heart, but need well intended person to guide her. Am not saying am the one, but just pray and make a request from God ask Him for a sign. But you, made one mistake, you shouldn’t have brought money in to this, your profession is more than a enough as ID, it appeared honesty but some truth need to be best told at some point. Am a fabricator, based in Enugu and can leave in any part of the country except north, exception Abuja and Niger States, I been there in past. 07033982936.

  46. Firstly its a pity that we youth tend to forget that love doesn’t cost a thing and I believed that the scripture says everything happens at its own time.. Above all , queen Esther let my actions speaks more for u than my words as a Christian with God fearing heart… Hoping to hearing from u at your earliest conveniences by Gods grace… You can call me or WhatsApp me 08060002486

    • Esther ; Don’t be deceive with sweet words of young boys; I want assure your matter is more of spiritual ;iam a father by God’s Grace ;I will advise you to seek for prayer 🙏 from genuine men of God: iam a pastor in rccg I can pray on phone with you ; if you so desire and God will break the delay & pls don’t be deceive : this is phone no: 09022885475 & my whatzap no: 08064896141

  47. Well, I may not sound like others. If you really need genuine love from the heart , happiness and peace in life, I believe I am an answer to your heart desire. If you wouldn’t mind, my WhatsApp is +220 3721547

    • Esther, l read through your write-up and I’ve also tried to read through comments and responses, it’s just that I’m imagining what you are susceptible to at this point, I’m really scared for you because of what Nigerian men are. I’m not responding because I read about a lady who earns half a million naira as salary and I’m offered fifty percent of that, no, I’m not. Rather, I’m responding, primarily, to help. If you wouldn’t mind I would like to ask you few questions about yourself. Firstly, are you a Christian? Though you are addressed as Esther, which could be for security reasons. If yes, which church do you attend and what do you do for God in that church? Have you commited this matter to God? Since He’s the one that created you and knows the hearts of all men. Secondly, who are you? Are you a lady that have respect men? Or because of your achievements in life you feel there nothing a man can offer you and so doesn’t deserve respect? Thirdly, it’s often said that God works in mysterious ways, and I believe it. There’s a woman of God I can link you with for prayers. She had ministered to so many ladies I know and today they are married even those looking for babies. And she doesn’t charge for these. Finally, Esther, I’m single and instead of falling into the hands of a wrong woman, even if that lady offers me a hundred million naira monthly, I rather remain single. A wrong marriage leaves one, like a stranded ship, without engine, in the midst of the ocean. We could be good friends, Esther. This is my number and also WhatsApp: 07087181947

  48. Hello good morning, I am muideen am staying in Abuja call or chat with me we can talk better am not perfect but I’ll try my best 08145863491


  50. Please Be Very Careful When it COMES To certain Matterz As THIS And Don’t be DECEIVED because THIS is More Of Spiritual Matterz…… THIS is My WhatsApp And Contact details 08109463566 if you Lead to contact me so As to join Faith with you in PRAYERS

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