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South African Minister Of Intelligence and His Wife Are Dealing With Human Traffickers-Man Reveal (Video)

South African Minister Of Intelligence and His Wife Are Dealing With Human Traffickers-Man Reveal (Video)

A south African man has posted a video footage on his Twitter account announcing to his fellow South Africans that, the minister of intelligence and his wife have been Exposed to have been dealing with human trafficking in South Africa.

The south African man Reveals this information on Twitter and it thought it necessary to create awareness about the current situation on ground, he added that it was ajazeera that carried out the investigation while interviewing a Chinese man who explained that he have been dealing with south African minister of intelligence in crime related issues.

According to the south African man,

You can watch the Video footage below to get more sights about this information

Meanwhile,the information Resulted to a great controversy among south Africans on Twitter and they voice out their own perspective view regarding the matter

Below are some reaction by South Africans on Twitter;


It is time for all South Africans to remove ANC from power and the incoming party belong to the youth. We are tired of the of these grannies and grandfather’s are steering our country to the drain


Plain truth: We’ve long dreamed of SA where black ppl dignity will be restored, unfortunately those we trusted with power have betrayed us severely. They’re rolling red carpet for Asians, facilitating their ID documents,& sworn them as MPs. ANC has lost its sense of Africanity!


This Chinese guy is going straight to parliament now. Ministers in that State Security are always trapped in serious criminal syndicates. Another one his wife was involved in drug trafficking using children as her drug mules. In SA a person dissappear like a needle in the sand..


I remember being attacked here for saying foreigners wouldn’t be doing all this dirty work in our country without the help of officials and residents of this country.

If we’re to clean anything, we need to start from within.


I remember reading article somewhere about Nigerian druglords boasting about connections they had with our political heavyweights. Knowing SA, one can’t dismiss such things. In a way they were boasting about being untouchable.


This is REAL treason. China takes over countries using the same method, they compromise the leaders with young girls and ontrol them thereafter. It’s sad that there was nothing done against him and that he was appointed State Security Minister, a crook.

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