“She Must Be Arrested”- See How A Woman Beats Up Her Man For Not Having Money (Video)

“She Must Be Arrested”- See How A Woman Beats Up Her Man For Not Having Money (Video)

South Africa is a country that is currently facing Gender Based Violence. Often times, people hear stories about women being abused and killed by their partners, and it is rare for women to beat up men but it happens.

In a video that is currently trending, a woman can be seen standing at a queue with her man at what looks like a food outlet. After ordering their food, the man stood back and the woman expected him to pay but he stood where he was instead of paying.

This did not sit well with this woman, who started asking the man where the money is. She then searched his pockets, but when she could not find the money, she slapped him on his face. Twice.

She kept asking where the money is and insulted him whilst at him, and telling people that he annoys her. He kept telling her that he has no money but she refused to listen telling him that he has money. Spectators were shocked, and funny enough, no one tried to stop her to protect this man from all the emotional and physical abuse that he was enduring at the hands of his lover.

Mzansi is demanding for the arrest of this woman, and people are saying that if it was a woman who was being beaten up like this, people would stand up and demand that the man should be arrested but they keep quiet when a woman beats up a man.

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Gender Based Violence is a serious crime and pandemic, and in a country that is facing this everyday where women and children are killed, people should remember that men get abused and killed too and deserve to be protected just as much as women get protected.

One Tweeter user highlighted that if the man retaliated or even if the woman was the one being slapped, the food outlet would have done something about it but because it is a man, they decided to turn a blind eye.

The government should protect its citizens equally despite the gender, race or even financial bracket. The same laws that are enforced on men who abuse women and children should also be enforced on women who abuse men and children.

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