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“Lord Have Mercy”- See How a Lady Runs mad after she Was Dropped by a Car in Edo State (video)

The rate by which ladies goes mad this days is appalling and of Great Concern, some of the incident always happens when the lady is dropped from a car.

as of this last two months we have seen several report regarding how a ladies who was dropped from a car, pull off her clothes and went Berserk on the highway.

While still trying to comprehend the reason why this can act is frequently occuring another video footage of a lady left Many people in the state of devastation.

According to the eyewitness, the lady was dropped by unknown vehicle all of a sudden she started acting mad.

Watch Video below;

You could hear from the background, an eyewitnesses who records the video saying “this is just happening now that lady got dropped off by a man and she is acting weird.

What can you say to this?

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