“This Is Indiscipline”- These Couples Must Be Arrested For Disgracing Their Country

“This Is Indiscipline” These Couples Must Be Arrested For Disgracing Their Country

Honeymoon is a serene place couples normally go to have fun, plans for their first year and all that. When celebrating honeymoon with your husband or wife everything must be in a happy way but not by disgracing your nation.

These Couples had their successful wedding and after the wedding dinner and all they choose where they wanted to have their sweetest honeymoon not knowing it’s a place where no one was expecting.

The honeymoon season was celebrated in a muddy road, where it seems the president or the governor in that state is working out things for the road to be construct.

They brought their bed into the muddy road, smiling and having fun as if nothing is wrong with what they are doing.

They have really disgraced the family that raised them, the community they lived in, their church, their school they attended, the town they live in, their nation and Africa as a whole and they are to be arrested so that this do not continue.

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