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I Lost My Husband and Job Same Week I Started Dating Married Men – Woman Confessed

I Lost My Husband and Job Same Week I Started Dating Married Men – Woman Confessed

Life can be very difficult at times, imagine loosing your precious job and loved one is the same week. It needs a strong heart to survive this.

Julia Njambi’s lost her job on a Tuesday and on Friday of the same week she lost her beloved husband. He was a motorbike delivery man when he was ran over by a lorry and lost his life.

Her husband left her with one children and a broken heart. Fortunately, her husband’s employer gave her a job as a security officer.

After years of healing, years later she got a marriage proposal from an ex-prisoner who by then was transformed and in church by then. She was in Dilemma, because of this man’s past criminal life and decided to consult an older man who was a family man.

The married family man discouraged her from that relationship and in the process , the two developed feeling for each other and an affair kicked off. It I really was really sweet

Their affair went on for over a 2 years and they even started going to church together like a married couple. When the pastor learnt that she was a ‘side chick: he confronted the two and told them that it was a sin. They even had a child together.

Eventually she obeyed her pastor and let go of her affair. Julia says it was too difficult to let go of him because he was very good to her despite being married.

Today she is happily married to a previously widowed pastor husband and a step mother of 3. She also is the author of the book, ‘Victory After Loss.’ and motivates people with her inspirational story .

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