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I Can not Count The Number Of Men That Stop To Talk To Me On A Regular, Popular Female Marine Worshiper Says

I Can not Count The Number Of Men That Stop To Talk To Me On A Regular, Popular Female Marine Worshipers Says

Adaobi, Anita Jeremiah Ezenwanyi is a well-known native doctor in Nigeria’s Anambra State. She despises Christianity and violates the laws to the letter. She has three children and married.

Without a question, the woman is breathtaking. She is the epitome of stunning perfection. She believed that after she married, men would avoid bothering her, but she was proven wrong as her male counterparts appear to hover about her like flies on a daily basis.

According to a Facebook post she made, anytime she goes to the car park or the market on foot, men would approach her and claim her phone number in order to meet up or date her.

She went on to add that even stopping at a gas station to fill up her motor’s fuel tank might cause her the same dilemma.

If the Ezenwanyi is not married yet, would the men come to her in the same manner they are coming to her now? She concluded that despite having three children, she is still a wonderful lady.

“Normal to park and trek to the market,” she says, “cars would be stopping, and I can’t count the amount of men who pause to speak to me on a regular basis.” Men would ask for my phone number sometimes at the gas station where I’m fueling up.”

Nobody knows whether she’s saying it for pleasure or for business as a native doctor trying to impress young people looking for a husband. Whatever the case might be, the fact is that men will begin to annoy you until you are married, and vice versa. Women are often causing problems for married men.

The message is that if you want to remain loyal in your life, you must be disciplined. You can have to be bothered for a date after marriage with baby, whether you are a guy or a woman.

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