If You Have Wall Gecko In Your House, You Need To Know This, They Can Kill You

If You Have Wall Gecko In Your House, You Need To Know This, They Can Kill You.

An entire family that got wiped out all in one night. As investigations later revealed, the mother of the family had prepared a pot of soup and probably left the cover of the pot slightly open, to allow the steam from the soup to evaporate and the soup cool down before being covered. While she was away, a gecko fell into it and died.

The woman and her children later ate the soup. Before the next day, they all died from poisoning. Nobody could immediately fathom that they ate poison. In the course of investigation, the dead gecko was seen in the soup pot. Apparently the poison from the animal had leached into the soup. Ordinarily, the skin of the gecko is highly poisonous.

If you clicked to read this article, it probably have 2 or more Wall Geckos living with you in your house. Now that’s very bad. I repeat very bad and it can curse a lot of harm to you and your family or loved one.

Continue to read this article to find out why wall gecko is deadly.

Most people tend to ignore these wall geckos, because they feel that these animals are harmless and does not bother body. But that’s not the truth. They only stake locations waiting for an unfortunate insect or cockroach that would come their way, and they would make a meal of it.

Unfortunately, House geckos are known to carry various types of pathogens in their bodies which cause food-poisoning after consuming the contaminated foods. Since these geckos are non-poisonous, the food poisoning due to their presence in food is not possible.

Picture of a wall gecko happily eating a fly;

In case you are in the category of people who have this view about wall geckos, then you need to rethink after reading this piece. s.

That is why you must create a plan on how to kill all forms of gecko in your home.

Now, here is a simple method of getting rid of these creatures, called Wall Geckos.
Onions And Garlic

Garlic’s strong odor isn’t just repellent to some humans, it’s also repellent to geckos, too! Leave a garlic clove around an outdoor entryway to keep them from entering that way ever again.

Onion slices are another irritant that will drive geckos away. Cut an onion in half and leave it in a known gecko hiding place, somewhere warm and cozy that you’ve seen a gecko camping out, or by an outdoor entryway.

Do everything possible to get rid of this dangerous animal from your home. To eradicate it totally in your home, just mix salt and garlic and put it in different corners of your room. You will never see them again.

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