“I Will Marry Any Man Who Posses this 8 Qualities, Even if He is Poor”, Lady Says

“I Will Marry Any Man Who Posses this 8 Qualities, Even if He is Poor”, Lady Says

Marriage as we know is the only institute that a man and a woman will enter, and they will be issued their Certificate ever before they venture into it. What this means is that, once you have entered into marriage with your spouse, there is no coming out till death do us part. That is why as a young boy or lady, you need to be very careful on whom you enter into holy matrimony with, because Marriage is a lifetime something which is not meant for children but matured adults.

A good example or how successful a marriage will be does not determine on how a man is wealthy or how a man has riches and a lot possessions to his name. What matters in marriage is how happy and comfortable you are with your spouse. It doesn’t matter whether he is wealthy or not, it doesn’t matter whether he has riches and a lot of possessions added to his name. What you should be after as a Ghanaian Lady is how happy and comfortable you will be in your marriage. Forget about luxury and seek for your happiness First.

My name is Jennifer Dolong and am a girl of 25 years. I have come to realize that what most girls are looking for here in Ghana is a man who is fulfilled, an already made man. They are not ready to help a man stand, they are not ready to wait patiently for a man to establish himself. They want to have patience with a fresh graduate of Ghana to secure a job and establish himself so that they both can start the journey of life together. But they can wait for any man who traveled abroad to come back after ten years and Marry them. Then the man will leave them and run back abroad.

I have decided that I will marry any man who poses this 8 qualities as I stated them below this article. Even if he is poor, but so long as he has potentials and has visions, am OK with him. Don’t get me wrong, an not saying that riches and wealth is evil, NO. What am saying in essence is that a man’s financial state cannot not hinder me from Marrying him, so long as he has potentials.

Below are the 8 qualities that an looking forward to in any man that will ask for my hand in Marriage

1. He must be a Christian who is rooted in Christianity as a Religion. Am not saying Muslim as Islam should ask for my hand in Marriage, but I prefer a Man who is a Christian and who believes in Christianity as a Religion.

2. He must have passed through the fire walks of the School Education. At least Secondary school. He must be educated, YES he must.

3. He must have a good sense of humour. Not just someone who is living at the expense of what the day has to offer.

4. He must be the type who will know how to cook at least 5 Ghanaian delicacies. Am not saying an lazy, but he should know how to cook should in case an not there to cook.

5. He should look handsome, tall and a Jovial kind of person. Even if you’re poor as a Man, at least posses this quality.

6. He must not be the type that will attend any event without me. He must wait patiently for me to get prepared so we go together as a Couple.

7. On no account shall he be the type will keep numerous female friends. Thus is one of the things that I hate because I have trust issues personally. He can have female friends, but they must be the ones I know to well.

8. Finally He must know how to respect a woman, make a woman happy, he must be a romantic type, he must know how to carry out his duties and responsibilities as a man (in the other way round).

This above mentioned qualities are what I expect a man to posses before he can ask for my hand in Marriage.

You can declare interest if you’re interested.

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  1. You set your target right.
    I’m interested in you.
    Contact me on 0249781653
    I’m Kweku from Ghana

  2. My name is Olabamiji, I am interested. Chat me up on 08152286127 or Facebook Oparinde Olabamiji Adetunji

  3. Hello Dear Jennifer Dolong.
    I am Didymus GNÉDO, Ivorian. I read your article with the greatest interest and I would like to get to know you without any pretension. I would be very honored if you would agree to leave your contact to me and I would be happy to contact you. Thank you very much for answering me. God bless you dear Jennifer.

  4. My good name is sir Mfon Isaac Jimmy from Nigerian, am really interested in you for marriage relationship. You are to chat with me on WhatsApp number +234 8120573779. Am a real man of God that will care for you if you will accepts my hand in marriage relationship.
    Are you a working class lady so that you will surely support me very well in all aspects of humanity. Send me message on WhatsApp media or email address below
    [email protected]

  5. God is great in my good life. Are you born again Christian and am a prayers band man of God, will you like and love a man like me.send me your good contact number for effective communication about love relationship in marriage.

  6. Dear Jennifer, I read your touching article and I’m very qualified to be your dream Man I have the Eight qualities that you stated in your article. My name is David Akpan. You can always reach out to me on! oiooi. I’m very free and I’ve not been into a relationship before, I’m 34yrs

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