No Man Wants To Toast Me Because I’m The Boss And Very Rich, Can Find Love At Age 40? Says Juliet

No Man Wants To Toast Me Because I’m The Boss And Very Rich, Can Find Love At Age 40? Says Juliet

I have been thinking about whether I could discover genuine romance at age 35, all things considered, my looks are not terrible, I am taught and I am the overseeing chief of the organization where I work, I have several adult men working under me, the majority of them call me Ma or madam, yet that is not the situation, I simply expected to get hitched.

Before my mom kicked the bucket, she revealed to me that cash isn’t all that matters, she instructed me to concentrate on building family as opposed to work or cash yet I hold five star in business organization and I would prefer not to wind up in kitchen, I would prefer not to be hanging tight for my significant other before purchasing maggie and salt so I picked and center around my work and fantasy about being a dependable lady riches enough to gain any man’s regard.

Say thanks to God I’m currently an administrator, I have a chateau, vehicles and some money in my financial balance however will I wed all my cash? It would be ideal if you help, would i be able to at present discover genuine romance? I’m willing to settle down with any genuine man regardless of whether he isn’t rich, I simply need to escape the single status which I stuck myself.

I do dress overall quite fine, I have extraordinary body shape yet I despite everything can’t make sense of why folks who stya around me are not toasting me, is it since I ride large vehicles or in light of the fact that they know my money related level?

I even had somebody state I am yet to wed since I utilized myself profoundly to get the administrator position, a few people even said I don’t have a belly that is the reason I’m not hitched, I simply any genuine man in my life.

Indeed, even the ugliest lady in tge entire world will at present have spouse discuss me, please counsel me, I am not maturing in reverse. I have gotten enough guidance from well wishers and a portion of our staff in my work environment, some of them instructed me to descend from my enormous madam level, some said I should quit going out in outlandish vehicles, some even counsel me to change the result of make up which im utilizing might be an intrigued individual will be pulled in to me however none of it worked.

I simply need to know how I can get a genuine man that isn’t after my cash. You counsel is profoundly required kindly don’t leave this page without dropping a remark.

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  1. My dear, Am just baffle on things of this world, different people with different issues. But i hold my peace, my dear am as serious as you are. Am not after your money or wealth but want to build a family. I bet you that you’ll never regret knowing or me coming into your life. Let get to know each other better not for long. Make me to fill real love again. Chat me up on WhatsApp +2348064368845. Name is Chris. I await your respond.

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  3. Hmmmmm, it isn’t easy but God almighty is in control. You will surely get the man of your heart. You have already gotten one. Trust my ones don’t be discouraged

  4. Am Geossyen from Malawi aged 31
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  5. I believe that God can see you through. Your affluence might be intimidating to your suitors. Why not calm down and reduce the flow of your affluence.

  6. On your knees, ask God to give you a husband and not just a man, men are so many while husband’s are a rare commodity not found I the market only given by God

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    1. My name is Mike Reigns base in abuja. I will love and respect u not after ur money but u need to bring ur mura down. This is my what’s app number so we can talk better 08154871628

  9. With God everything is Good,this is because everything that you (mankind) is doing at all cost is O… But when you add God then it becomes Good. See God is with us and whatever you planned doing and with God,you will do it better and even best. Maybe you might be my soul mate but first appearance will tell… Ouro-Koura lssaka from Ghana 🇬🇭. WhatsApp me on +233547860205

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