“They Must Be Arrested”, What Unknown Men Did to a Lady After Getting Her Drunk in a Party

“They Must Be Arrested”, What Unknown Men Did to a Lady After Getting Her Drunk in a Party

Often times I have always advised Ladies, That they should always be careful whenever they hanging out with men. Most of this men you see out there are not gentlemen, they are lions in sheep clothing and don’t bother at times over what they do to a Lady.

As a Lady, you mustn’t attend every Party that you were invited to, know the nature and type of Clubs that you visit, know the nature of the night Party that you are asked to attend, know the Reasons why your friends wants you to follow them to a club or to a Party, you never can tell if they had good intentions towards you. So you need to be careful always, watch your back and don’t drink everything that is being offered to you at any Club, it might contain some contents that will make get high and drunk, then pave way to men who might take advantage of you. So be wise.

I was strolling down the internet this morning when I came across some disturbing pictures of an Unknown lady, who was put in a State of “Can’t help” after she attended a party in a Club. As you can clearly see through the pictures posted in this article, where the Lady was just lying helpless on the ground.

According to the information gathered by a correspondent, whose name was given as JosephSmith, took to his personal facebook wall to post the pictures, stating that the Lady got drunk by some unknown at a Party, which took place in a Club which it’s location was not disclosed to the General public. Adding that no one can ascertain why they got her drunk inside the club.

“An unidentified Lady was seeing lying down on the road, after she was alleged to have been gotten drunk by unknown men, where she attended a Party. Her friends left her at the Club and went their separate ways. This should serve as a lesson to Evey other lady out there that always attend every party that she is being invited to”, JosephSmith said.

Furthermore, According to the correspondent “JosephSmith, the Lady was said to have been invited by her friends, who were know where to be found as at the time she was captured sleeping on the road, very close to the club. Adding that No one can tell if the unknown who got her drunk, didn’t take advantage of her while she was still under the influence of Alcoholic drinks, she took inside the club.

Seriously, this is disheartening. The Young unidentified Lady in question is someone’s future mother. I wonder what she will tell her people or probably her boyfriend. And prayer is that she won’t be a victim to harassment, or that the unknown men took advantage of her.

What is your thoughts and advise to Evey single Lady out there, who delights in attending clubs, and drinking Alcoholic drinks without knowing the consequences?

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