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Natural Herbs That Cure All Kinds of Infections Diseases Gotten From Public Toilet, STD



Natural Herbs That Cure All Kinds of Infections Diseases Gotten From Public Toilet, STD

Here in Nigeria, mostly Africa One of the things that most People fail to observe and discover is that, infections are very dangerous kind of ugly diagnoses, which gradually destroys a man or a woman’s immune system, without the person knowing about it. An infection can last for a long time (for many years), in someone’s body and the person will barely know that he/she has been suffering a serious disease, and you will still see the person moving about thinking that he or she is medically stable. But when the person gets to discover or undergoes any medical test, and what he/she has been suffering was revealed to them, some people end up condemning the test, insisting that they are medically fit and sound.

Before now, our forefathers during the era of primitive Age, never knew anything about scientific drugs, or anything that has to do with hospitals, medical laboratory or medical test results. There was nothing like infections, nothing like STD or anything that has to do with Public toilet, was never in existence in the time of their existence. So there was no room to get infections. The only sickness that they suffered was few, which are Malaria, diarrhea etc. But one interesting thing to note is that during their era, they never used any other form of treatment or drugs, except the Natural roots and Herbs they got from their homes, and from the bush. Yet they were all medical fit and lived a life of longevity.

Some people think that Medical or Scientific drugs are the best in Ghana, when it comes to treatment of Infections and Disease, gotten from intimacy between a Man and a woman. But it is not True. What Scientific drugs does is that, it gathers all the diseases and infections in a Man’s system, then pack them and hid them somewhere inside the body, resulting that the person infected will stop noticing the symptoms and signs he/she was having. Thereby given the diseases a room, and chances to keep multiplying in their numbers. The Infected person will stop noticing those signs he/she was used to, thinking that it has been cleared, but in the near future the diseases will surface with large symptoms and effects.

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I will disclose to us some Natural Herbs that can cure all Kinds of Infections, and Diseases gotten from Public Toilet and STDs. It is pertinent to note that, Majority of People out there don’t know that Infections are cured with natural roots and herbs.

1. Mouringa seeds or Plants:

Mouringa is Natural roots and herbs that was discovered by the Indians, to be one of the best Natural herbs that can cure all kinds of infections, and diseases gotten from Public toilet and STD. The seed comes in a small cycle shape, milky in colour but very powerful in clearing all chronic diseases. If the diseases that someone has been diagnosed with, has lasted for many years or a decade, then it will take several months of intake of the herb, for it to be completely cleared from a human body system. The seed is bitter.

The leave from the Mouringa tree is also effective. Just gather some of the leaves in a good number, cook it for like 15 minutes and drink every morning and night, with a measurement of 50ml. Take it before each meal, and within a few months and watch the result. But it is very bitter just like the seed.

2. Lemon Grass and Lemon:

Lemon grass is a green grass that comes in a tiny vertical shape. It can be found in homes and not in the bush. It is also a very good and effective herbs that helps in the eradication of Infections and diseases. Gather them in a large quantity, add it to the Mouringa and cook for 15 minutes, then drink lt together and the result will be superb.

3. Bitter Leaves:

Is a plant that is seen at Homes. Just as it’s name implies, the plant is very bitter but it is ordinarily used to prepare soup in some part of African countries, precisely Nigeria. Before it will be used to cook and prepare a meal, it will be first gathered, kept under the sun for an hour, then squeezed for any length of time for the bitterness to be gradually separated from it, or be cooked so that the leaves can be removed.

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Gather these leaves and cook it alongside with Mouringa, Lemon grass and lemon itself. Then drink them together.

4. Scent Leaves:

Scent leave is another plant found in homes here in Ghana. These is also used in preparing local Africa stew, made and prepared from palm fruit. Gather it alongside the seed and prepare with other mentioned herbs in these Article, and be sure of a positive result after weeks of intake.

5. Paw-Paw Leaves:

Pawpaw is a cylindrical shaped Nut that is found in homes. It can serve as Vegetables which when grinned, can serve as also juice. It’s leaves are very effective in curing Infections and Chronic Disease. Just gather them also and cook with other herbs and record the results.

Health they say is wealth. A delay can be very Dangerous, the earlier you start treating these diseases, the better for you. Don’t hide a sickness thinking that GOD will heal you, when you know that there are herbs and remedies that can cure them. Am not saying that GOD can’t heal our diseases, but don’t be ignorant, play your part and leave the rest to GOD.

Such knowledge as disclosed in these article is not easy to come by. You have been educated on these Natural herbs and their importance, why not share it so that others suffering from these same related diseases, will have the knowledge on how to tackle their own.

Majority of People out there don’t know that Infections are cured with natural roots and herbs.

Share with us any other knowledge you have in the comment box, Thank you.

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