“My Husband Invested In me When I Was Young so I will Invest in Him When He is Old – Woman Reveals

“My Husband Invested In me When I Was Young so I will Invest in Him When He is Old – Woman Reveals

In this life women were made to do greater things. Investing in women is the most precious thing you can do in this world.

She got married when she was at the age of 19 years. Unfortunately her husband was older than her. In that case Precious Comfort was treated like a queen.

Luckily he protected her when people turned against her when she took long to have children.

“He treated me very well,pampered me, molded me, invested in me and believed in me.He also taught me how to cook,how to do home chores.” Precious says.

Luckily her husband had seen the potential she had in life and so he nurtured her dream and talent. He believed in her. Precious is now a gospel minister,an entrepreneur, musician. She also does online business.

“Since my husband is now ageing I will also invest in him. I will treat him well,care for him in every way. I will also she him love more than ever before.”Precious says.

Lessons that Precious Learnt in Life
Women must be risk takers.

Three Men Ask Waitress To Settle Bill In Private, Then Bartender Sees Check And Realizes Why

Offer services to people so that one day they will give back to you. For example if your friend is having a wedding go there and help in whichever way.

Spend your money helping people. One day God will remember you.

Spend your time helping and visiting the sick and the less fortunate.

Have great ideas and share them to people. May somebody will be interested in your ideas and help with resources.

Avoid comfort zone and each day learn a new thing.

Invest in various areas not in one area.

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