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Lord Have Mercy” Lady Allegedly Undress Herself And Walks On The Road After She Was Used For Rituals

Lord Have Mercy”, Lady Allegedly Undress Herself And Walks On The Road After She Was Used For Rituals

Nowadays many evil and atrocities are happening on a Daily Basis. And I have always asked myself what most people stand to gain, when they commit so much evil and crime against one another. Of a truth, judging from the manner at which the world is going, it is pertinent to note that we are no longer safe anymore. And the things that happen recently is just a clear sign of the end time.

In our modern world of today, Parents now have no conscience that they now use their children and do money Rituals. And in the other hand, children now use their Parents to do money rituals, all these are on the quest to make quick money. And I can confidently say that all these is just as the Bible had recorded that, towards the second coming of JESUS CHRIST, people will love money more than GOD and will do anything to have money. And these has already started happening in our Midst.

I would like to use this medium to advise all Ghanaian Ladies out there to be very careful, and to equally know that once the Xmas Season is very close, some Men will be looking for Ladies who will fall victim, so that they can be used for money rituals. All Ladies our there should know that all that Glitters are not gold. They should be a limit to what you have, and where you go henceforth.

I was strolling down the internet just this afternoon when I came across a disheartening story, where an unidentified Lady was alleged to have been dropped off from a saloon car, and she just started undressing herself and then started walking on the streets without having any clothes on. As it can be seen through the shared images in this article, where she was walking like a confuses fellow.

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose name was given as “Kolang Botang”, who took to his personal facebook wall to post the disheartening story, stated that the Lady must have hangout with the unidentified Man, who was alleged to have used her for money rituals. Adding that it is not a usual thing for a beautiful Grown up Lady to just undress herself and be walking on the street like that.

“The unidentified Lady was dropped off from a small saloon car, and the car drove off immediately, but she suddenly started removing her clothes. We thought it was a joke but she completely removed everything that she wore, and started walking around on the Road, which drew the attention of many People at the scene of the whole drama, as people thought she has run mad”, Kolang Botang Said.

Furthermore, according to the report provided by “Kolang Botang”, shows that it took the intervention of some good Samaritan, who brought some wrappers and covered her up.

Meanwhile, a lot of internet users have used the opportunity to advise that, Ghanaian Ladies should be very careful this season. Don’t hangout with any man that you don’t know, and some follow a man to his hotel room, or visit him in his house without having a Company.

What advise would you have to drop to our Ladies, judging from the ugly incident that has befallen this Lady?


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