Things Fall Apart- Dead Man Captured On The Road Stranded While His People Await His Burial

Things Fall Apart- Dead Man Captured On The Road Stranded While His People Await His Burial

There will never be a day that you will wake up here in Ghana, and you will not hear stories and News that will make you tremble. And some news that we come across on social media platforms, might sound like lies to us, but when it will be critically analyzed, you will discover that there are some element of truth in what is been said. Some Religion in Ghana believes that reincarnation still exist, but Christianity has totally condemn such superstitious believes, saying that once a man dies, his soul will ascend into Heaven to meet it’s creator. Ordinarily, the irony of life have thought us that the existence of Ghost is real, but I have not witnessed the present or the sight of a Ghost ever before. Some people believe that the only way a ghost can communicate with their loved ones, is by appearing in their dreams to pass whatever information they have for them. But some Ghanaians thinks that it is only demon that, manipulate the spirit of their victims through that means.

There is a story which have been trending online, where it was alleged that the live picture of a Boy, who was dead was captured on the road of Douala, a French speaking area of Cameroon. As it was said that he died after taking toxic drinks.

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose name was given as “Ade Divine”, who took to their personal facebook wall to post the Story stated that, the deceased man whose identity was revealed as “Junior Njenkal”, was alleged to have died after excess intake of Alcoholic drinks. Adding that after his death, his loved ones organised and took him to mortuary, but on the day of his funeral, a neighbor to his family members captured him on camera, while he was standing on the road trying to board a bike.

“The neighbor could not believe his eye, thus he brought his phone from a distance to capture the image of the dead boy, as he stood stranded but was waiting for a bike that had two people on it and took off. But before then, the mother of the deceased arrived at the morgue to take him back for burial, but she was informed that the boy’s paternal grandfather and uncle had already come for his corpse. Of a truth, things has fallen Apart”, Ade Divine Said.

Below are the postal of the young man, who was alleged to have died in 2020:

Furthermore, while his loved ones were all in black attire to commence his burial, the neighbor told them that he discovered him on the road, while trying to board a bike to an unknown destination with two other persons. But on getting to the mortuary to bring him back home, and then commit his body to the earth, they discovered that his remains has been taken away by other people.

Below is the photo of an eyewitness:

Meanwhile, a lot of Ghanaians has taken to the Post to state that such things doesn’t exist, but many were of the opinion that it is not superstitious believe, as things like this can only be found in Ghana and other African Countries.

As a Ghanaian, do you think that such things still exist in our era. And have you ever witness a dead person walking on the road ever before?

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