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Nothing Will Make My Family Serve Your Jesus Christ – Female Priestess Cry Out

Nothing Will Make My Family Serve Your Jesus Christ – Female Priestess Cry Out

Generally, According to the teachings and doctrine of Christianity as a Religion, all the Christendom around the whole world have a believe that JESUS CHRIST is the only true Son of the Most High GOD. And he has been giving the power and the name above all other names, that is why he has supremacy over all Creations of GOD. Funny as it may sound, even all principalities and powers of Darkness, both fetish priest and priestess all bow down to his Authority.

There is a trending Story that has virtually gone viral across all social media platforms in Ghana, where a female priestess have come out to publicly declare that his family will have nothing to do with the Christian GOD.

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose name was given as “Enoch” who took to his personal facebook wall to post the pictures of the Lady stated that, the traditionalist who goes by the name “Anita Adaobi Jeremiah” but is commonly referred to as “Ezenwanyi Ebekuo, said that she has decided that both her children and her entire family will not Serve JESUS CHRIST. Instead they will serve the same GOD her father worshiped, as he was a prominent Fetish priest in their Society during his lifetime.

In her statement she Said:

“My kids will have nothing to do with the Saviour of the whole World, just as Christians Claim. Immediately my son gets to the age of 10, I will ensure that I bring him to the river for proper cleansing and purification with the Gods. I will take him to my late Father’s Shrine “Arobinagu” for him to see them and be at peace with her mother’s Ancestors. It is now my duty to train him to love, respect and embrace these spirits because I have already seen his future”, She Said.

Read her post below:

Personally I will say based on my own perspective that, it is not good for parents to choose the path their children should follow in life at their adolescent age. And a woman should not be the one to make total decision over the affairs of her family. Allow the child to grow to make the right choice that will be suitable for him/her. This will be my kind advise.

Below are more photos of the female Priestess, as was gathered by the Correspondent:

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