He killed Me Because I Refused To Open My Legs For Him – Lady Cry Out

He killed Me Because I Refused To Open My Legs For Him

Meet the lady in the Eastern Region who has been killed because she refused to sleep with a man

According to the police who arrested the man says the girl who died was a groundnut seller who was called Angela.

On Tuesday afternoon March 23, 2021, while Angela is on her way going to the market to sell her groundnuts, she met a dark man under a tree who claimed to buy all her groundnuts if she follow him to his house to take his money in his room. Angela agree with him to follow him to his house so that he can buy all her groundnuts for her without going to the market again, immediately she entered the house she saw two friends of the man who wants to buy her groundnuts smoking weed.

At this stage Angela became scared and tried to run away but it’s too late they caught her and rush her to their room, they violent her mercilessly and because they knew if they released her free she will report them so they killed her and throw her through their window to the room.

While throwing her a neighbor saw them and quickly reported them to the police. They were given 25 years imprisonment each.

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