He Told me to Open my Legs and This is What Happened Afterwards – Lady Cry Out

He Told me to Open my Legs and This is What Happened Afterwards- Lady Cry Out

We live in the same neighborhood. He is older than I am and always calls me by the name, ‘my wife’. I never took it serious because I knew he was older than me and has got no feelings for me, since he is even the best friend of my dad.

After I graduated from college, I stayed home for about five months waiting for my results, so I was always helping mummy at the shop in our community.

Anything He saw me alone, he will call that, he is buying bread, so I have to take the bread in his house. He will hug me deeply as a form of appreciation. This continued until one day, I took the bread to his hall and he told me to put it in his bedroom, since he was preparing some beverage with it.

When I got there, he quickly joined me there, pushed me in his sofa, and he told me to open my legs, and this is what happened afterwards.

He forced to do something with me, but I insisted I wasn’t ready for anything because, he was too old enough to be my daddy. He kept repeating I should open my legs for him but I insisted I won’t.

Since he is a man with strong muscles, he pushed me on his bed and forced to undress me. I shouted for help but no one heard me due to the loud music he opened.

Consequently, we heard the horn of a car, which he thought was his wife and out of fear, he opened the door for me to run away, but it was even a car passing by. Since then, I decided not take anything to his house again.

He reported me to my parents that I don’t serve him anymore, and my parents have rained insults on me for my actions. I’m confused now and don’t know what to do.

What should I do now?

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