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End Time Is Near – See What A Police Officer Was Spotted Doing On The Road (Photos)

End Time Is Near – See What A Police Officer Was Spotted Doing On The Road (Photos)

According to the teachings and doctrine of Christianity as a religion, the Bible recorded that a time shall come when things that are not initially happening in our world, will begin to happen and in their great numbers. When False Men of GOD ranging from Pastors, Bishops, Prophets and prophetess, Evangelist and Apostles will rise in their numbers, calling on the name of GOD, performing signs and wonders, healing the seek and doing all manner of miracles, but they will be doing all this things with the influence of false Powers.

The Bible Also recorded that during the last days, that they will be massive sings of end time, when children of Men will love GOD and will do everything to preach the word of GOD. And in that same way, people will love money more than GOD. But the story that is being contained in this Article has marveled me, where an unidentified Policeman was Spotted on the road doing what most of us can’t do, upon the fact that we call ourselves Genuine Christians.

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose name was given as “Lindaikeji’sblog”, who took to her personal blog page to post the Story stated that, the police officer was recently spotted inside a market which name was not given, preaching the Gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, right in his Uniform.

In her statement she said:

“The Police officer never felt ashamed of his personality or what people might say, yet he summoned courage to spread the gospel in the market”.

Meanwhile, a lot of internet users applauded him for such act, others claimed that it is very wrong from him to have preach with his Police Uniform, for it is against the Law.

Below are the pictures as was gathered by the correspondent:

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