Boys | What’s The Right Thing To Do If Your Step Mom Sends You This (read chats)

Boys | What’s The Right Thing To Do If Your Step Mom Sends You This (read chats)

They say tommorw is not promised to anyone if you still have parents cherish and celebrate them while they are still alive because if you loose them you not gonna get them back again.

So as 21 Year Old that i am i am one of those kids who were unfortunate as early as 18 years old and lost one parent a mother leaving me with a father only.With life going on my father saw it very important to get a new partner who is a step mom to me and besides that the step mom is only 28 years old.I really don’t have any problems with her for she has been nice to me ever since i met her.

But then the problem is that with the step mom being just 28 and my dad being 40 years of old the 2 seems to be living in different worlds.My step mom is more into social media and trends and my dad is not.And she is somehow a fashion freak she loves stylish outfits and whenever she picks and outfit for events she sometimes ask me how it looks on her and i give him my output since my dad don’t have time for such.

But then the problem is that she was recently invited to attend a certain wedding and as usual she sent me the outfits asking for my input but something tells me that she is taking it a bit too far now.

Take a look at the chats below.

I don’t know if you notice what i have just noticed in this pictures of hers but something tells me that mommy might be into me which is not going to be a good thing for my dad should be find out.

Although i know that her sending me such is very wrong and do want to tell her to stop something tells me that it might cause some bad blood between us and that’s honestly the last thing i need.

What should i do in a situation like this?

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