Signs Of End Time: See What 10 Ladies Were Caught Doing Inside A Man’s House At Night

Signs Of End Time: See What 10 Ladies Were Caught Doing Inside A Man’s House At Night

Nowadays, the Ladies that we have in our various homes here in Ghana, have taken off the path that they think will benefit them, but they are yet to discover that living a bad life does not pay off. I still recall vividly the type of Ladies I normally address as “Big Aunty” when I was still tender, they are very humble, homely, responsible and virtuous in Nature.

They can barely attend a birthday party, let alone attend a house event in a Man’s house. But the story is no longer the same with the nature of Ladies we have in our generation.

They don’t care of what they do or how their live their lives. Some Ghanaian Ladies are yet to know that, there is always a repercussion for the actions we take in life.

Personally I am no longer surprised over how some Ladies behave when they attend house Occasions. It seems like it is already a tradition or culture that, if as a Lady you fail to drink Alcoholic drinks at events, you will be rated as a timid Lady.

But one thing is certain, which is the fact that men know what they want. Even if you like keep drinking and smoking hard drugs at various events, they will keep having their way over you, and when the times comes for them to marry, they will go after a young girl who is decent, leaving you to wallow in life as a Spinster.

The Bible had already spoke of this things in the book of Revelation, where the made mention of End time Generation which we are experiencing today. But my advice is that our Ladies will desist from living an unholy life, and live responsibly. If you attend a House Party, drink responsibly so that you don’t fall under the influence of Alcohol.

There is a trending video which is virtually going viral across all Social media platforms in Ghana, where some unidentified Ladies in a Group of 20 where spotted drink hard Alcoholic drinks in a House Ceremony, which is believed to be hosted by a Man.

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose name was given as “Kwame”, who took to his personal Facebook wall to post the Video stated that, the Ladies were drinking the Alcoholic drinks like “Spirits, Squadron, Macdowel”, etc.

“End Time, I wonder what this 20 Ladies stands to gain over this Strong Alcoholic drinks that they were drinking. The funny thing is that they can’t be able to purchase any of those drinks, if they were asked to buy them”, Kwame Said.

Meanwhile a lot of people were of the opinion that those 20 Ladies had their individual motives, on why they want to get high right there at the event.

Below are the photos gotten from the Video footage, shared online by the correspondent “Kwame”:

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