See What This Lady Posted On Social Media That Got People Talking

See What This Lady Posted On Social Media That Got People Talking

Sometimes we find ways to fun and bring people together. If you know what I mean, there is no fun with people. 

Social media is a well-designed medium, lets people interact and connect together, can only be serious at any time, you have to relax and chill about all that is available. 

A social media lady known as Ruth made controversial comments that led many people to respond to her posting, however, it was pretty amusing to see how people reacted and continued to react. 

In her post she said she would give money to a man only if the man could make a comment without any other lady answering the guy’s comment. 

You should know how people in social media are doing, clearly no one is going to win the award. 

See how people then reacted for fun to the message, reactions;

Lovely woman: “Can I steal your heart if it isn’t taken” Sweet lady in need of a boyfriend. 

Stealing a guy’s heart is all about keeping you on to him. Have you ever wondered how this girl took your heart? How did she make you feel that without her you could not survive? Like or love someone should not just automatically come to a human. It depends on several physical and non-physical signs. 

The fairytale love we always waited for on a white horse to head to us with our man. Appearance is not everything, and we have to be more than that if we want to involve an individual. 

Are you interested in sharing your man’s value? Are you looking for something to help you? There are simple and lovely things you can do to make your man feel necessary and loved. 

You can do it without saying, ‘I LOVE YOU,’ as they say,’ acts speak louder than words. Likewise, you can do many things that will attract the attention of your guy. One of the essential tasks is to be humble and faithful to him. 

According to this case, a woman who is a lady on social networks and who is obviously looking for a lover (a date) wondered if she should still have a heart if she is not.

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