Ten Most Evil Roman Catholic Popes And The Wicked Things They Did During Their Reigns.

Ten Most Evil Roman Catholic Popes And The Wicked Things They Did During Their Reigns.

For more than 2000 years, the Vatican has existed and the pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. a gathering of cruel popes and terrible things they have done in history. 

.1. John XII

At the age of 18, he became the pope of the Roman Catholic Church. From 955 to 964 when he died prematurely, he took his place as Pope. John was a murderer during his reign, calling on demons and having sex with him. His nephew, widows and concubine of the Lord.

2. Benedict IX

Three times in his life he became Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He first came at the age of twelve. But after the threat of death from his political opponents, he was out of place when his life was at stake. He became Pope again. He sold his place to another priest just two months after his second reign. Only eight months before the packing was sent, he got his third job. He committed, killed, and robbed many unethical acts during his reign. In addition, Paul Benedict II was also charged with routine sodomy and bestiality, and funding of organizations that have close relationships with prostitutes. 

3. Alexander VI

From 1492 to 1503, he was Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. His uncle Callixtus III, who preceded him as Pope, paved the way for Alexander’s last Ascension, infamous for celibacy. In addition, Alexander VI also has at least 9 illegal children involved in sexual relationships, when having sex with his daughter Lucrezia, he committed incest. He had an affair with a woman, Vannozza dei Cattanei, before becoming pope. and some of his illegal children include Cesare Borgia, Giovanni Borgia, Gioffre Borgia and Lucrezia. His death is believed to have been caused by poisoning.

4. Sergius III

Before he became pope, he killed the cat before him. son entered the Papal Roman Catholic Church. 

5. Leo X

Between 1513 and 1521, he was Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. sell them to minimize sin. After his death, he was also charged with homosexuality. 

6. Stephen VI

As Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, he began his reign in 896. He exhumed the body of the pope, who held the position until he ascended, identified himself as his corpse, accusing him of blasphemy. Formosus rebelled against his holy garments, demanded that his body be dragged down the Roman streets, and later thrown his body into the Tiber River and thrown into it. of Formosus arrested Pope Stephen and strangled him to death a year later. 

7. Sixtus IV

His reign began in 1471 by Pope Sixtus IV. He was a hypocrite when he had sex with a prostitute and accused the priest of being a maid with six illegal children. He also engaged in incest because he had a sister and children. He has been accused of being homosexual in exchange for sexual favor and has appointed many young men to the post of Cardinal. 

8. Innocent VIII

In 1484 he was one of the main supporters of the witch hunt for this act, having sex with at least eight illegal prostitutes and girls.

9. Julius II

He became a woman, innocenzo ciocchi del monte.he was born, and when he was born and ruled in 1503, this was a person living in public. He also checked to see if it was confirmed to have a serious case of syphilis following the illness of a sexually active prostitute, mentioning that the man was hidden from sores on a good Friday when he could not kiss them. 

10. Pope Urban VI

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