What This Muslim Lady Did When She Met Her Son’s Killer Face To Face Will Leave You In Tears.

What This Muslim Lady Did When She Met Her Son’s Killer Face To Face Will Leave You In Tears.

Have you ever lost a loved one to death’s icy embrace and had to confront the perpetrator? So, I think you were enraged and tried to hurt the killer. This Muslim woman, on the other hand, did something that stunned the whole world when she was given the chance to see her only son’s killer face to face.

Her acts continue to be spoken about to this day. Rukiye Abdul is the name of this woman. Mummy Rukiye is a devout Muslim mother with a 39-year-old son, Suliman Abdul. Abdul, on the other hand, was brutally murdered by a gang of three young men. He was reportedly robbed and raped on his way home from work, according to investigations. They shot him and dumped his body by the side of the lane. Below is a photo of Abdul when he was young.

Investigations started almost immediately after the assassination was found, and the matter was taken to court. Thankfully, the three suspects were apprehended and arrested by the police not long after.

They were sent to court, and on the first day of the trial, Rukiye, the deceased’s mother, wanted to visit the court to see the faces of her son’s killers for herself. She was taken aback when she realized the boys were still young.

Mummy Rukiye asked the judge for permission to speak with the boys inside the courthouse, and what she did surprised everybody in the building, including the judge. She went right up to the youngest of the killers, Javon, and hugged him tightly. She assured him that she did not despise him and that her son’s death has been predetermined by Allah in heaven.

She also said that she wishes for him to improve as a human. She shook his hands again and hugged his mother after she finished speaking some incredible words to her son’s attacker. Right, these boys brutally murdered her son, but Rukiye’s vengeance was to assist the murderers in becoming better people. Rukiye’s exquisite gesture of forgiveness is what we can all emulate.

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