Meet The Tribe in Africa Where Men Are Allowed To Kidnap Any WomanThey Wish To Marry

Meet The Tribe in Africa Where Men Are Allowed To Kidnap Any Woman They Wish To Marry

While in most parts of the world, a man has to woo, charm, and secure the permission of a woman that he is attracted to and then move on to get the approval of the Parents. Well, this isn’t the same for a Tribe in Latuka, South Sudan.

In this Tribe, a man has to Kidnap any Woman he admires and wishes to marry. After Kidnapping the woman, the man has to inform the family of his interest in their Daughter, Later on.

According to their Cultures and Traditions, a Suitor has to kidnap a woman he intends to wed, by assigning the Services of other men, together the suitor and his men will ambush, Chase, and Kidnap the lady.

When the Bride is Captured Successfully, she will be Taken to Her suitor’s Home and Will be Kept there against her will Until the Father of the Lady is being informed.

Nonetheless, the Lady’s Father has to beat up The man who kidnapped his daughter to show his Approval of the Marriage. The Latuka Tribe practices the exact opposite of how most parts of the world seek for ‘hand in Marriages’.

When the Suitor, with other male relatives, Heads Back to the Father of the Lady to officially seek his Approval for the Marriage, the Father of the lady is left with two choices, either to say “Yes” or “No” by taking separate ceremonial actions.

If the Girl’s Father approves the Union, he is expected to beat up his Future son-in-law to show his Approval of The Proposal.

Eventually, if the Father’s response is “No”, The Man who kidnapped his daughter has the right to decide if to return the Lady or go ahead to marry her without the Father’s Approval.

However, this Interesting Culture has given rise to subjects of Debate, as many people believe that it is the right of a woman to choose who she loves and wishes to spend the rest of her life with.

What’s your take on this?

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