Monday, April 19, 2021

Young Lady Pulls Off Her Clothes On The Street After Drinking To Stupor At a party

Young Lady Pulls Off Her Clothes On The Street After Drinking To Stupor At a party

A young lady removes her clothes in the public after drinking herself to Stupor in a bid to celebrate Christmas. The lady who is being seriously criticized on social media pulled off her clothes in the full glare of the public. Many ladies on Facebook have described her actions as a disgrace to womanhood and women folk generally.

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In another story, a woman who got drunk on Christmas day was being pushed home in a Wheelbarrow, a scene that have been dubbed the disgrace of the century. The lady, a plump and elegant black woman was seen being push in an old Wheelbarrow. Some women expressed irritation after seeing the pictures on Facebook. Some even acknowledged that the woman is married. How will her husband and children feel? How will her friends, family and her in laws feel when they finally see the pictures?

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Take heed, this festive period is not all about drinking and getting drunk or being intoxicated. It is a time of sober reflection, thinking, planning and Thanksgiving. It is a time to appreciate life because many people have died this year and you being alive is not an accident. Furthermore, it is not a time of alcohol, drugs or whatever. Show love to humanity and the less privileged ones out there.

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What can you say to this?

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