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Because of Love, My Husband Abandoned Christianity to Follow My Beliefs Spiritualist Says

Because of Love, My Husband Abandoned Christianity to Follow My Beliefs Spiritualist Says

Adaobi Jeremiah, a spiritualist, described how her husband, a devout Christian, left all things Christian to pursue her own convictions out of love, and she shared this on her Facebook page.

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Anita Adaobi Jeremiah, a female Spiritualist who inherited spiritual abilities from her father, claims to be worshiping her own God through the water.

Take a look at some of her images from her river sacrifice.

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Adaobi is a female spiritualist. According to Anita Jeremiah, her husband was a devout Catholic who still slept in the chapel before leaving the church to pursue his own convictions out of love.

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She claims that her husband will protect Jesus and her mother, Mary, with all he has, but that he has abandoned Jesus to join her in worshiping River.

Read what Anita Adaobi Jeremiah, a female spiritualist, had to say on Facebook.

Take a look at how people responded to her Facebook post.

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Can you even leave Jesus to obey a lady who worships the river because of love?

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