Monday, April 19, 2021

“Am So Lonely, Please I Need a Man By My Side” Lady Cries Out On Facebook

“Am So Lonely, Please I Need a Man By My Side” Lady Cries Out On Facebook

A young and beautiful lady have cried out on Facebook for attention. She said she is in dire need of a man by her side at least for the night, and she posted her pictures to buttress her point and seriousness.

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The young, black and beautiful lady in her early 20s does not want to spend the cold night alone prompting her to look for company that will keep her busy and warm her also. She is not the only woman or lady that her openly put herself up for grab on the social media. A lady that put herself up for grab in August is now happily married to one of the men who responded.

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Though many young men have indicated interest and have subsequently added her up, some are skeptical that it might be a trap. Some have said that the lady is either looking for money or she wants to donate some virus to unsuspecting males. But this is only an assumption.

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Trust Africans, some people have taken the medium to bombard her with the good news preaching long sermons to her that Jesus loves her and is interested in her. For now, she needs a physical man and telling her Jesus loves her means nothing to her. She’s lonely, according to her, so lonely.

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  1. u are not lonely God is by ur side. u look presentable and portable,fantastic indeed u are good to go add me up ok

  2. I want to let u no that u need jesus more than does guys at dey.what am mine trying to say be patient wit god and u are to precious to God and god loves u smuch.u are beautiful just put yourself together u get the right person

  3. Hi let us be friend so that we should know ourselves better before serious engagement. Here’s my WhatsApp number (07040151678) love you

  4. I have been olso trying to look for a serious relationship, like you do and as a serious Man who would like to give you a happy life and make feel like a woman,I will give you my what’s up number so that we can Link up.Im deeply in love with you, your so beautiful.

  5. I have also been looking for a serious woman to be on my side,just like you in need of a serious Man for a relationship . And as a Man who has really feel interest for you ,i will give
    you my what’s up phone number to contact me .please don’t forget to cantact me,BSE i really want to make you feel special like a woman.Im deeply in love with you.YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL

  6. I’m interested beautiful angel and I promise I’m going to give you the love 😍 you have ever been dreaming of 08039730933

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