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A Teacher Was Caught Red Handed Doing This With An SHS Student In A Class Room Of Nobody

A Teacher Was Caught Red Handed Doing This With An SHS Student In A Class Room Of Nobody

No one knows what is happening in this world now, we suggest only God knows.

Because the generation that is coming is getting out of hand

On our disclosure, we were able to run into a student and a teacher.

Note the teacher happens to be service personnel who is being posted on errands as national service personnel.

No one had an idea of this teacher whether he was sent for these schoolgirls to teach and groom them to high-time slay queens or what???

The teacher got on the camera of a student, as he sexually abuses this student girl in an unused classroom whiles others were in the class learning

Screenshot 20210305 230434

A Cat Gives Birth, But Then The Vet Realise That Their Kittens Are Not Kittens
But this student-teacher chose to be on their own topic for the day, as he sexually seduces the girl in another classroom.

Screenshot 20210305 230401

And according to the short video, the girl is so deep into it, to the extent that she can’t climb down.

Parents are so happy for their children, and they will even do their possible best to see their children prosper.

So sad that their child is currently wasting their resources on a sex trip with a service teacher

Sorry to tell you this is what your child is doing in the school

So the question is what went wrong with this teacher going all the way to sexually on a beginner, is it a lack of self-control or overconfidence.

Screenshot 20210305 230401 1

So the student who captured them went to inform the class and everyone was in a hurry to go to where the two parties are, with noise everyone runs to go and see what the teacher was doing with the student the unused classroom, they immediately stop the act.

And the student starts to pretend as if she Is not well and the teacher was consoling her, but all was a lie

Screenshot 20210305 225852

They didn’t know the student had captured them before going to announce them to the class.

Now a serious meeting is going on concerning the issue

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What can you say to this?

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