Monday, April 19, 2021

Identity Reveal: See the Zimbabwean Man Who Shot Two South Africans to Death in Hillbrow in a Spot (Video)

See the Zimbabwean Man Who Shot Two South Africans to Death in Hillbrow in a Spot (Video)

The rate of crime that is been reported in south Africa as days goes by is escalating in Number as innocent people keep falling victim of calamities and harm daily in south Africa and nothing seems to be done about such evil things happening.

It has become a public notice concerning the war between Zimbabwean and Zulu in Hillbrow after a Zimbabwean Man was reported to have shot a South African man to death.

However, a South African lady has Allegedly Reveals how a Zimbabwe Man Shot two south Africans at Hillbrow in a Spot.

Watch Video below;

Below are some reaction by South Africans on Twitter;


Nothing must be done except that if ANCrooks don’t wanna deport them they’re all gonna become The Lates and not excluding Nigerians in fact all 4reigners illegal or legal nw gloves r off


Shit we as SA men should stand up… These fools are taking us for granted… They even have the liver to openly say SA men are weak… Look what they are doing to our country… Mxm

What can you say to this?

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