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I’m The King Of Satan, My Father & Mother Are Satan and I Serve Satan- Man Reveal (Video)

I’m The King Of Satan, My Father & Mother Are Satan and I Serve Satan- Man Reveal (Video)

People are accountable for the choices they create in this world, it is left for you to determine what you have to do that you believe is right for you. Some citizens, though some are Muslims, are committed Christians, and some are traditionalists as well. It depends on what you think is right for you, because, after all, in our country, there is freedom of worship.

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An Igbo guy, identified as Simon Odo, claims to be the King of Satan. He said this several days earlier during an interview with BBC Igbo. Simon Odo is a conventional doctor who is also regarded as a native doctor or herbalist. He claimed in the interview that his mother was Satan, that his father was Satan, and that he was the Lord of Satan.

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During the interview, he narrated how he began as a native doctor. According to him, when he was a young boy several years back, he claimed that he was a devout Christian. He also served at the Catholic church he visited, but he had a life-threatening disease. He was sent to numerous clinics, mosques, and several people with medication, but his plight had little remedy.

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He was finally brought to a very strong herbalist who was able to heal him, and therefore continued to practice the herbalist’s job. He became an apprentice before the herbalist was ready to master more. He then went home and began his own practice as a herbalist and even began to heal patients of their illnesses.

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