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If You Can’t Trust Igbos To Be President Or IGP Of Nigeria, Let Them Go ” They Are Brilliant- Dele Momodu (Video)

If You Can’t Trust Igbos To Be President Or IGP Of Nigeria, Let Them Go ” They Are Brilliant- Dele Momodu (Video)

Dele Momodu, a renowned speaker, author, writer, teacher, and one-time presidential candidate from the Yoruba Clan Of the country, has in an interview touched a sensitive political topic and has gained applauds from some Nigerians.

Not to mince words, the presidential seat or other top official posts in the country has become an unattainable spot for mostly the Igbos of the country, and this has become a daily issue that is making the Igbos agitate verbally and, and also some top none-Igbo individuals of the country who have been bold enough to come out and hit the point home concerning why such positions have been made unattainable to the Igbos.

In a recent short video Dele Momodu shared on his Twitter page, of n interviews he granted a publication agency, he touched on the discriminatory way the Igbos are being treated especially when it comes to political tussle.

In the short clip, he challenged the Nigerians of other origins with the notion they have of the Igbo people, urging them to drop such action as it is detrimental to the growth, peace, and unity of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

In his words, he said that Nigeria is a secular state clearly enshrined in the Constitution of the country.


Also on the interview, he made it clear that he would agree with anyone who thinks, feels, or says that an Igbo person can never become the president of Nigeria, and called such person that makes such lame comment brainless.

Also, he revealed how he would have turned the Igbo region into the country’s economic hub only if he had become the president. He went further to praise the intelligence and franchise of the Igbo people which he likened to top countries like Korea, China.

Still speaking, he questioned why Nigeria isn’t making use of Igbo’s talent to move the county forward, faulted those that claim to have forgiven the Igbos over the Civil War but can’t trust them to become the president or hold any top official rank in the country. Referring to the newly elected president of the United State who appointed several black persons including Nigerians to rule with him without being sentimental, he urged Nigerians to shun every form of sentiment against the Igbos.

His speech got several positive reactions from Nigerians as they showered him praises on his Twitter account.

Watch the video below;

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  1. Check out Innoson,,,,, ,Whereby Nigerian government is supposed to facilitate, but are blind over the innovation and they are importing vehicles from outside the country at a very cost price. Is that not stupidity for chrissake, ?

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