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Why are Zimbabweans unwanted Everywhere from China, SA to Botswana?

Why are Zimbabweans unwanted Everywhere from China, SA to Botswana?

I am so interested in Zimbabweans. Their former president Robert Mugabe is not only a controversial figure but also a world class clown. How they allowed him to rule for that long and messed everything is a story for another day.

But I am so concerned why Zimbabweans are not so much wanted everywhere. The same is true for Nigerians but the case of Zimbabweans are extremely a very different thing.

They are having serious problems in Botswana right now. The issue is lingering and their government seems so unconcerned. The border fence of South Africa is believed to have been tempered with by Zimbabweans but I wonder if they were caught red handed.

South Africa have boundaries with Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Eswatini etc but I have never seen our country have much problems with other countries as much as we have with Zimbabweans.

The issue is so confusing to me. Is the problem from their leaders or they themselves? If the problem is with their leaders, this their current president is just new in office and I think we should give him the benefit of doubt. If the problem is with the late former president, I think it is high time we buried the hatchet and let the sleeping dog lie.

But if the problem is with their individual persons, it will be bad to generalize it. I mean why should another law abiding foreigner suffer for the sins of another lawless foreigner.

The government of South Africa and Botswana should single out the law breakers and deal with them decisively. Africa is one and bad blood should not be seen among us. This is the time to manifest true pan africanism.

What can you say to this?

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