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We will be Making a Terrible Mistake by Deporting our Fellow Africans

We will be Making a Terrible Mistake by Deporting our Fellow Africans

Initially I thought Africa is for Africans. I never knew Africans can be deported from another African country. Perhaps we are the ones that we start it. The reasons am against the deportation of foreigners is that it will pitch us against other Africans and other Africans will pitch themselves against us.

As you rightly know, no man can stand on its own. A single tree does not make a forest. We need our African brothers as much as they need us. Perhaps, you can recall during apartheid, how the whole Africa rally together in one voice to help this great nation and me must not pay them back by being ungrateful.

I quite understand the anger of my countrymen. Foreigners commit lots of crimes. However, crime is not limited to foreigners. Foreigners take our job by offering cheap labors. Yes, even if foreigners go unemployment will still abound. Even in the United States, there is also the problem of unemployment. But I am totally against illegal immigration. Scaling border fence is certainly a bad thing and government should deal decisively with offenders.

Drug traffickers should be given long jail terms. They must not be allowed to go free. Carjackers should be arrested and jailed. Let us not generalize on criminal activities. Not all immigrants are bad eggs. I fear other countries will deport South Africans if we deport other Africans.

A lot of South Africans are working with MTN in Ghana and Nigeria. The same with shoprite. Certainly, if they deport these south Africans we will not be happy as it will pitch us against the continent.

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