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A Million Graves To Be Prepared Bill Gates Prophecy Is Coming To Pass In South Africa

A Million Graves To Be Prepared Bill Gates Prophecy Is Coming To Pass In South Africa

Recently, many people are worried about the unprecedented rise in the number of Coronavirus cases in South Africa since the start of the winter.

Before, now, experts have said that Coronavirus strives best in cold temperatures and as expected, the virus is exceedingly increasing in South Africa. As the one million graves is trending, Bill Gates Prophecy comes to mind.

Yesterday, for the first time, more than 13,000 new cases were reported and recorded as more than 129 deaths occurred. Many people are already having the prophecy of Bill Gates and his wife in mind. Recall that Mrs Melinda Gates Prophesied that she saw the streets of Africa being littered with corpses. Gauteng province have been told to prepare for a Million Graves and it is trending on Twitter and Facebook since three days ago.

Dr Zweli Mkhize, the minister of health have said that stringent measures will be taken to curb the increasing cases of the virus especially in Gauteng province and other Coronavirus hotbeds. Some funeral homes have reported that the influx of corpse is making things difficult for them. Many south Africans are not obeying the rules set by the government, coupled with the adverse weather conditions, the figures are yet expected to be high. The daily reported cases have been pegged at 21%.

Many hospitals are already becoming overcrowded as pictures have emerged showing patients lying on the bare floor, waiting to be assigned to beds. The numbers of those being admitted are more than those being discharged. This is the reason why some hospitals are becoming overcrowded with patients. Hopefully after winter, the infection rate may reduce but now, everyone has a duty to protect themselves from this ravaging virus.

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