Tuesday, May 11, 2021

She Need Pen And Book, Not Marriage- People Cry Out After a 27yrs Muslim Boy Married 13yrs Girl

She Need Pen And Book, Not Marriage- People Cry Out After a 27yrs Married 13yrs Girl

The rate of child marriage this days is appalling and alarming depsite the fact that, the law of the land speak Against Child Abuse.

It seems that some religion do not understand the meaning of child Abuse and they Permits the marriage of underage Girl who are supposed to be thought how to become Great in Life.

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This is Commonly practice in the Northern part of Nigeria in alignment with Muslim religion.

However, another photo cause outrage on the social media after a grow up boy got married to an underage girl which got people talking.

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The caption on the post was, the Girl needs Education not Marriage at this her tender Age.

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Do you think this is right?

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  1. Muslim religion faith and her agreement with child abuse, in the area of child marriage, is something I cannot comprehend and understand.
    Without mincing word, this is retrogressive to social economic development to any community, state or country that practices this acts that had and would continue to kill millions of talents, embedded in many of the poor girls, whose education were abruptly halted because of this unreasonable practices.

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