“This is a Taboo” These Lady fell in Love with Her Twin Brother, Their Parents Disowned Them, But They Went Ahead, and Got married (Video)

She fell in love with her twin brother. Their parents disowned them, but they went ahead, became more intimate with each other and got married.

A video footage has surfaced around the social media Revealing the moment two blood siblings were seen exhibitting love.

It was later gather that, the siblings were born twins and the lady claimed to Have fell in love with her Twin Brother .

When the information got to their parents, they disowned them, knowing it is a Sacrilege for siblings to get married.

However, they two of them went their way and they got married.

Nobody attended their wedding. People called it a sin/taboo. However, shortly after marriage, they both had a child at 17.

Watch Video Below;

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