“Shameful”- Two Lady Went [email protected] Fighting Inside Mud Over Boyfriend (Video)

“Shameful”- Two Lady Went [email protected] Fighting Inside Mud Over Boyfriend (Video)

The dispensation we are now is a Very critical one where Alot of Negative things happens and people derived joy in doing that wrong things that will not benefit them morally.

people are not longer mindful about the implications of their actions, that is why some ladies can go walking about on the street Half [email protected] disregarding what people we say.

This ought not to be, who are we going to blame now ?.

However, two matured Ladies have Proven how shameless they are, as they fight each other inside the mud water over Boyfriend issue that was not disclosed.

The video footage show on it the lady, having upper hand while she was holding the other lady on the ground as she was hitting her nap Bad.

Watch Video Below;

It is really embarrassing Seeing two ladies fighting over a man in the public.

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