I Loved and Trusted Her With My Life, I Never Knew She Could Do This To Me.

I Loved and Trusted Her With My Life, I Never Knew She Could Do This To Me.

They state individuals discover love in wonderful spots, I imagine that statement was not alluding to me, maybe there are specific individuals that affection is intended for not for me.

From the outset, I could see plainly that I was enamored, much to my dismay that I was the just one in adoration while my mate was simply breathing easy in the relationship.

I gave her my everything, she meant the world to me, I could set out my life for hers and still be glad I did. The brief period I went through with her made me experience paradise on earth, however much to my dismay that I was isolated in it.

We’ve been dating with this lady for one year now, withing this period I laid down my all for her, I guess she could see through my eyes how my love for her was dripping.

In her own side I could state she played her cards well since she made me truly succumb to her affection. She made me see each reason that she may wind up being my life accomplice, much to my dismay she was playing from the start.

Seven months into our relationship, I was as yet in the elation of her adoration was as yet that modest and submitted companion. Now I had the opportunity to understand that I was investing more amounts of energy to make the relationship work.

All of a sudden she no longer pick my calls as she used to and always come up with flimsy excuses why she did not pick the call.

She rarely finds time to visit me as often again and anytime I confront her to know why is the same story and excuses all along.

Despite all those signs I still pushed on, I call her as often as I can even when she doesn’t pick my call, I buy her gifts thinking she might see my effort but to no avail.

Getting to the twelve month, I gave her a surprise visit at her place but what I saw crippled me. My lovely lady was on bed with another man.

I was stunned and heart broken but there was nothing I could do because it’s her life, and we are not married yet.

After what happened then comes the (shocker) of my life. She came begging me that she is sorry, but before then I had already made up my mind never to love again.

I told her it was too late, but she kept insisting, I gave her all her things that was in my possession and asked her to move on.

A week after she called me that she was stranded somewhere and needed me to come pick her up. With no strings attached I drove to her location.

Upon getting to her location, it was a lonely bush bypass with few people passing at a time. I was surprised, so I asked her what she was doing there, but she said the cab she entered broke down, and she didn’t have any other alternative.

I now asked her to come let’s go, but she began to make advances at me, saying she still loves me, and she was trying to kiss me, I told her to stop, but she refused.

To my greatest dismay this lady held me tight and began shouting for help, I tried my best to get loose from her grib, but she held me too tight until people come to the scene.

While people came as a result of her call for help she accused me before them that I was trying to force myself on her. Immediately fear grabbed me and my whole body was shaking.

This people descend on me like a criminal, I was beaten to coma while everyone fled including her leaving me in the pool of my own blood.

Right now I am in the hospital, and she came begging me for forgiveness. Please what should I do, I need your advice. Thank you.

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