If You a Womanizer or Finding Difficult to Stay With One Woman,Take Not of This,Very Important

If You a Womanizer or Finding Difficult to Stay With One Woman,Take Not of This,Very Important.

Welcome to, toady we shall be lecturing you all you have to know about Womanizing and it implications.

We shall also Exposed the danger of Womanizing and how to stop it.

Before we commence what is a Womanizer?

A womanizer is a man who always seems to have a new girlfriend, and who has no hesitation about starting up a new relationship before he’s ended the last one. Usually, these relationships are s*xual and don’t last long.

This is Common among Men, when someone get used to the habit he regards himself as smart guy because of his trickish way of getting Ladies.

When you see a beautiful lady, what comes to your mind first as a Womanizer, is if I should be able to get this lady I will definitely stop and search no more due to her beauty or Body .

After the lady concede to go with you as partner, few months or weeks later you start getting fed up with her because of another woman you have Seen and all your mind and desire is to have the lady, depsite the fact that you are already in Relationship.

This is not ordinary, is a bad Habit that is not Easy let go when one get used to it.

The implications of Womanizing as a man is ;

1: When a man is found always in the act of Womanizing such an individual we never amount to something in life because he we keeping spending all his earnings on Women, changing women as if he is changing clothes.

Even though he is getting high Salary but at the end of the day such Person we not be able to save money due to excessive spending.

2: He might Never marry Because he believed staying with one woman is an impossible task to undergo, due to this he keeps maintaining his Womanizing Life.

3: No plan for the future, when Ever he received his Salary the next thing is to look for a ladies to flirt around with as it have become he culture.

4: Stand High Chance of contacting HIV disease; at the cause of having intercourse with several Women he might contact HIV Because he does not know the state of the women he sleeps with.

5: He Might End up getting Poor after spending all his hard earnings on Women.

To overcome Womanizing;.

Go to God in prayer, try stick to one woman who you can build future with by disconnecting your Self from any of your friends who are Into womanizing despite having a partner.

Stay focus, have a goal, pursue your goal and desist from any forms of distractions.

I trust this article can make you desist from the spirit of Womanizing.

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