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“Generations of Corruptions” See What This Girl And Her Boyfriend was Caught Doing That Got People Talking

“Generations of Corruptions” See Pictures Of A Teenage Girl And Her Boyfriend That Got People Talking

Teenage or adolescent stage may be considered as the most dangerous stage for children development, this stage comes with series of behavioural changes. This is the time that some will start to run away from errands from their parents, some will start keeping bad companies and all sort of social vices.

The teenage girls are more vulnerable during this time, it is when their body structures start developing thereby becoming eye – catching for the young guys, their buubs start increasing and their butoks start extruding, all these are points of attractions to the opposite s3x. Hence, parents should monitor their teenagers during this time.

However, it always baffles me when I see what our generation is turning into, shame has vanished from our land and everyone does what pleases him or her, yet the society remains mute. What have we done wrong? It is a mistake to get liberated or civilized? Why do we keep demoralizing our values and existence as creatures of God.

Recently, a teenage girl identified as Mhiz Fevvy recently showed her level of immorality on Facebook and has been receiving backslashes from many Nigerians, at her age, she has audacity to post that she has been sleeping with her teenage boyfriend and had abortion for him, habah! Then I wonder who is this girl, doesn’t she has any of his families on Facebook that can call her to order? Then from my research about her, I discovered that she has not just started been decadent because of many of her pictures have naughty captions.

In one of pictures almost nude, she wrote: “Being a bixxth is not a problem, the problem is how good are you on bed, are you a classy one. Do you fvck rich or broke dk, identify yourself”

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