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Man hangs himself to death in Kano State.

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Man hangs himself to death in Kano State.

A man distinguished as Ibrahim Abubakar was on Thursday night discovered swinging from the celing of his shop situated along Zoo Road in Kano city.

The man who died was otherwise called Iro, who sells vehicle batteries and tires was found when the shop was torn open by police and neighbors.

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As per observers, the perished went to the 4pm Laasar petitions close by different admirers after which they all left for their individual shops. On his way to his shop, Iro halted at a neighbor’s shop where he gathered a rope.

It was accumulated that when Iro arrived at his shop, he sent away his organic child to purchase food and another retailer on another task prior to securing himself up in the shop.

At the point when his child got back with the food he found the shop bolted and in the wake of sitting tight for some time, he became dubious and alarmed neighbors.

The neighbor whose rope the expired gathered additionally became dubious and alarmed the police.

The cops showed up and after breaking the shop, they found the perished’s dormant body dangling from the rope.

A Facebook client, Muhammad Shehu talked about the episode on the online media stage. As per him, he had a meeting with Abubakar’s neighbors who disclosed to him the expired was experiencing psychological sickness.


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