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See How Young White EFF Member was Lashes At White People In South Africa (Video)

See How Young White EFF Member was Lashes At White People In South Africa (Video)

UCT student and EFF member Jack Markovitz was interviewed by the media about the protest outside Brakenfell High School.

This is what he had to say in the conducted interview.

Reporter: Is your grandfather Leon Markovitz from the Democratic Alliance?

Jack: Yes, my grandfather was Leon markovitz. I believe the DA is white supremacist party, and I’m trying to rectify the situation yet today we need to transfer the generational wealth and then to the disenfranchised people in this country.

Reporter: What do you think about Brakenfell community?

Jack: I think they yearn for apartheid. I think they use neighborhood WhatsApp groups and PPA and private security to uphold apartheid in their neighborhoods, this exists in every single white neighborhood in this country, only differences is that in Brakenfell they are violent

Reporter: What do you think do you think that the EFF is justified to come here and to proceed to protest outside?

Jack: I think they need to be doing more, I think we need to be taking this protest to Clifton, and Houghton park where the 20 million houses are okay. I think brackenfell there’s not enough money here these poor whites are angry and violent. We need to take it, we need to take it when the rich people having money are; as they are still making money off that land which is all generational wealth passed down from their parents.

Reporter: Talk to us about the response of the WECDA regarding this situation.

Jack: The DA is still a white supremacist party. Okay, they’re not interested in solving the problems and the apartheid wounds. I have no faith in any DA government body to solve any situation

Reporter: What do you think about the rainbow nation?

Jack: we are not a rainbow nation. 1994 we didn’t fix the problem; Mandela sold us out. We sold out Winnie. And today, and things like that are part of the process of fixing that and healing these wounds.

Reporter: What do you think of the Cape Party?

Jack: I think the cape party is the white supremacist organization; if you see the way they dressed, the way they armed, they yearn for the old days, and I feel sad for them, they hold so much anger.

Reporter: What do you say about people who are calling for the independence of Western cape ?

Jack: These white people are trying to hold on to their generational wealth and they are scared of losing their land. We have very valuable land in the Western Cape. We need to take this land and transfer it to the people of this country.

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