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South Africans Weeps Over the Death of JMshoza wamaboza Who is a Singer

South Africans Weeps Over the Death of JMshoza wamaboza Who is a Singer

The year 2020 has been one that has been brutal, with the whole coronavirus pandemic and everything that has happened, another occurrence shocks the whole of South Africa and the world. The famous and loved singer Mshoza has passed on according to reports.

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These news made its way into twitter by a couple of different individuals, the whole social media started saying RIP to her and everyone was shaken as to what exactly took the whole singer away from the world. Mamy still cannot believe that this issue is true but it was confirmed.

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The reason for her untimely death has not yet been made public, the last thing that was said to the world was that she had contracted covi-19. This was made public by news broadcasters such as Times live and News24. The country thought it was that bad but it evidently was.

It was also known publicly that the singer was suffering from diabetes and that mean the virus came into a very vulnerable host, this is why it is believed that the virus took her life. The world has known that re existing health conditions were the reason for one’s death by Covid-19.

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The first post that said this was one posted on Instagram that said Mshoza must rest in peace, and they have had enough of 2020. The world is still waiting for a formal report by the family as to what exactly happened to the singer but it can be confirmed that she has passed on.

It can be seen from the screenshot above that it was actually Khanyi Mbau who was the singers friend who posted this picture of her saying she must rest in peace. She is the only one that has posted about her death from the celebrities so far.

What is your take on the matter? Can you take some time to say RIP to the singer.

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Over the past few days there has been rumours being tossed around carelessly over the internet and newspapers. These rumours involved the famous gay power could Somizi and Mohale, well known as Somhale. According to the news the two are currently having trouble in paradise and the sun is not shining as bright as it used to. This was after Mohale allegedly moved out from their home.

See reactions by south Africans Below;

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Screenshot 20201119 110339
Screenshot 20201119 110254
Screenshot 20201119 110314

What can you say to this?

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