Minister of Home Affairs Said “Bushiri Visas was Fraudulent which was Good Enough for magistrate Thandi Thelede not to grant Him Bail- SA says

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Minister of Home Affairs Said “Bushiri Visas were Fraudulent which was Good Enough for magistrate Thandi Thelede not to grant them bail- SA says

South African man has taken to his Twitter account condemning the act the was done by Thelede who is a south African magistrate that granted Bail to Bushiri.

According to the South Africa man he stated that ” Bushiri was convicted of being an illegal Foreigner that was enough for magistrate not Grant Bushiri Bail”.

Eno said:

Arg please man this is the clerk of the court. She does admin for the judge and all, notice how she waited fornthe judge to leave. Do you honestly think the judge would leave documents she isnt suppose to leave. Courts are heavily guarded by saps no one can do as they please.

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Mat said;

Those ones were celebrating his bail saying “we knew papa was innocent” what do you expect from them, now they say the same god that opened the Red Sea for Israelites to flee Egypt has opened borders “illegally” for major one to flee SA

Bridge said:

Why did they give Bushiri’s case to an amateur judge, these young lads are easily manipulated by bribes its clear she was bribed. She left documents unattended for Bushiri to steal them on National TV and nothing was done

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Sad said:

Let not blame the judges myb it was muthi that made her grant bail,secondly let not think it hard to get in and out of South Africa coz Swazi the fence it weak Mozambique u pass by 100 I heard in manguza

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