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I Lied to My Mother for Money and I Gave it to the Boy I Met Online,Now he Has Block Me- Lady Cry Out

I Lied to My Mother for Money and I Gave it to the Boy I Met Online,Now he Has Block Me- Lady Cry Out

I met with this guy online, we started talking and one way or the other we got intimate bc he had this kinda vibe i like.
We got to talk everyday,do video call most times and all,i actually would say i like him and i think he does too.

After few months of talking, he started acting weird and i tried to ask him what went wrong and why he’s giving me different vibe from the one we used to had,he explained to me how he has been broke and how he has been trying to settle with his school stuff and his house.

Rent cos he has an apartment in school and the payment would soon be due,I told him I’ll actually love to help but I’m not working and I don’t have much with me but he pleaded with me to try to help him bc he has no one else to ask,he keep disturbing for almost 2 weeks.

I decided to lied to my mom that I wanted to start some business and she borrowed me the money, I told her I would refund her after I start making profit from the sales.She gave me 28k which I transferred to this guy the next day,he was very happy when he got it and he called.

To appreciate.
One month later,I decided to ask him for the money since he promised to refund it as soon as possible,he told me he didn’t forget about the money and he would return it as soon as he has it,we were still talking and vibing well after then until we both agreed to

Meet and he promised to give me the money on the said date, we met at one hotel that was during August if I can still remember clearly, we were both happy to meet after all the texts,calls and all. We started gisting about lotta things till he started acting funny,he made.

Seductive moves towards me,he started touching my boobs and keeps pulling me closer to him,I felt his huge dick towards me when he pulled me closer to him,I told him to stop that I’m actually not here to have anything like this with him,that I just wanted to see him.

After all and collect the money he would give me today,he was like he can’t resist me that he’s already hard that I should at least help him out and not leave him this way.
He actually wanted to had his way but I refused and left angrily.

He actually stopped talking to me after then cos I didn’t allow him had his way,I really do not care also but I’m more concerned about the money now cos my mom keeps asking me and I keep lying to cover up.

He refused to send me the money even after pleading with him,he even threatened to block me if I continue bugging him about the money,he actually blocked me on WhatsApp and blocked me from calling him afterwards.
I know you can see this,I refused to stay silent anymore.

I really do not care about your reputation anymore bc he’s actually an influencer on twitter here,I know you can see this and if you refuse to say anything after all of these or keep quiet I’m definitely going ahead to upload all your nudes on my phone,your videos.

And your dirty chats with me.
You keep doing big boy online not knowing you’re one useless and poverty stricken bastard offline.
Return my money now or face the consequences afterward.

What Can you say to this?

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