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Trouble for Joe Biden as the “Most powerful” woman in US refused to sign and recognize him as president elect because of this

Trouble for Joe Biden as the “Most powerful” woman in US refused to sign and recognize him as president elect because of this

Although many media have announced that the Democratic candidate Biden has won the US presidential election, and the government transition website of the Biden camp has been quietly launched, the Washington Post disclosed on November 10 that the possession has officially opened.

The US General Services Administration (GSA) for the presidential transfer process has not yet recognized the winner of the election. This means that the transition of the US government has not yet officially started.

The current director of the General Services Administration, Emily W. Murphy, was appointed by Trump in 2017. During her tenure, the General Services Administration made many decisions that were considered by the media to be beneficial to Trump’s real estate business.
Therefore, Bloomberg believes that Murphy has “sided with Trump” in multiple disputes. The “Politician” website described Murphy as the “most powerful” woman in Washington, DC.

According to the “Washington Post”, the General Services Administration is the “lowest-profile” agency in the federal government, responsible for managing the federal building, so it is also known as the “landlord” of the US government.

According to U.S. law, only after the General Services Administration confirms that one party has won the election, signs a letter, and officially transfers millions of dollars in funds, the U.S. president’s power transfer process will be officially launched.

In previous general elections, the General Services Administration’s confirmation work was only a “routine business”, and the handover work would often begin quietly the morning after the election day. But 36 hours after the media announced that Biden was elected this year, the current director Murphy has yet to sign a confirmation letter allowing the Biden team to officially start the transition work this week.

Pamela Pennington, a spokesperson for the General Services Administration, told the Washington Post: “This matter has not been determined.

The administrators of the General Services Administration will continue to abide by and fulfill all requirements stipulated by the law.” Mary Gibert, the head of the Presidential Transition Team of the Administration, told her colleagues in a phone call with government officials on the 6th of this month that GSA is currently in a “waiting” state and will not receive it until it is “confirmed.” The staff of the Biden team.

An anonymous senior government official quoted by the “Washington Post” stated that no head of a government agency would ask Trump on handover issues. At the same time, he also predicted that the Trump administration may tell the head of each agency, “Don’t talk to the Biden team.”

Another senior official, who was anonymous, said that in fact, each agency has drafted detailed transition plans for the new government, but these plans will not be announced to the Biden team until the winner is officially announced. Other officials said that Trump has allowed his assistants to “secretly participate” in the handover activities because he is “unlikely to admit that he lost the election.”

“Washington Post” stated that the delays of the General Services Administration will affect the handover. For example, after “certifying” the new president in the past, the General Services Administration can apply for his team to enter the intranet system and provide the new president’s team with $9.9 million (approximately RMB 65.44 million yuan) funds.

At the same time, the General Services Administration can also help transition officials set up offices in federal agencies to carry out follow-up work and get in touch with senior government officials (including outgoing government officials). The two sides will handover key ongoing work and anticipated projects.

An expert told The Washington Post that although the Biden team is no stranger to the government, because the federal government is a US$4.5 trillion (approximately RMB 29.75 trillion) institution, it has a close relationship with government officials. Handover is “critical”.

Currently, the Biden camp has also noticed the delays of the General Services Administration. A Biden spokesperson told the Washington Post: “Since the media has independently announced Biden’s victory, we expect the head of the General Services Administration to quickly confirm Biden and Harris as the president-elect and vice president.

The United States, The national security and economic interests of the United States depend on the federal government’s clear and prompt signal that the U.S. government will respect the wishes of the American people and conduct a smooth and peaceful transfer of power.”

Congressman Gerald E. Connolly, the Democrat of Virginia (Gerald E. Connolly) said that Murphy has a “history of succumbing to Trump”, so he called on Murphy to “do the right thing” and immediately begin to hand over. Board the team.

In 2017, Trump officially appointed Murphy as the director of the General Services Administration. During his tenure, the General Services Administration made a number of decisions that were deemed beneficial to Trump’s real estate industry.

For example, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) proposed to move out of the Hoover Building in downtown Washington DC in 2017 due to the old headquarters building. But then, the General Services Administration stepped in and rejected the plan.

Afterwards, many Democratic congressmen said that this was Trump’s purpose to prevent competitors from opening hotels on the site of the FBI. Because the Trump International Hotel is just across from this building.

Hoover Building official map

However, US law does not actually stipulate the time for Murphy to make a decision. She can wait until the Electoral College meeting on December 14 before making a decision. In 2000, the election results of Bush Jr. and Gore also encountered controversy. That year, the General Services Administration did not confirm the winner until the Supreme Court made a ruling on December 12.

In addition, although the official transition needs to wait for the “official announcement” from the General Services Administration, the federal government has actually been preparing for it for several months. Biden and Harris’ transition team has officially started the transition. They held a meeting of the Coronavirus task force and plan to appoint some White House officials.

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