People Reacted as Donald Trump’s Wife “Melania” Told Him to Accept Election Loss

People Reacted as Donald Trump’s Wife “Melania” Told Him to Accept Election Loss

more than Hundreds social media users some from American and Africans has reacted to the News that Donald Trump’s wife is pleading with her husband to accept Election Lost after Donald Trump’s insisted that he won the election by Alot.

The information was disseminated on social media Facebook by CNN and alot of people reacted to the information in different perspective view.

Below are some reactions by social media;


She’s aware of the truth unless the husband, Trump who refused to accept the fact… but in later days or weeks he will accept the defeat

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She’s been told he will end up like Kennedy if he doesn’t get out of the way. Trump. The only best Prez ever. The world will cry for him when this world starts bleeding again.


The American people should prepare for large demonstrations in all States, especially the Red State, in support of President Trump and demand an investigation into fraud carried out by the Democratic Party Biden and his associates should be brought to trial for corruption and breach of trust.

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God bless America

God bless Trump


Why begging Trump, Americans– majority have decided- if he truly love Americans and claim to be a Christian, his conscience should tell him to tow the Path of honor and integrity.

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I don’t understand why he wants to create hpb among his supporters- many will die bcoz of his unyielding attitude couple with Convid-19 pandemic among his supporters bcoz they came to campaign ground without facemasks following his footsteps.


Trump’s die hard fans must come to terms with the situation…. That guy was very arrogant and sounding very wrong in anything he says… Did he ever attend a normal school…? Can’t be supporting so called white powder crep , KKK etc on 2020 common plizzz

What can you say to this?

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