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Know these 5 methods Yahoo boys use to defraud People in 2020

Know these 5 methods Yahoo boys use to defraud People in 2020

Over the years Cyber Crime has become very ranpant amongst our youths in West Africa and most expecially Nigeria, where internet fraudsters they can be found in almost all states.

Some attribute it to poverty, others to peer pressure and even desperation but whatever the reason might be the fact remains that it’s only getting worse.


So to that here are the top 5 methods internet fraudsters use to scam people in 2020:


This is like the default method in defrauding people because of it’s popularity amongst scammers.

They simply create a social media account with the pictures of a very attractive lady or man depending on who they want to scam and send their victims friend request after that they start making love approaches towards the victim, and if the victim fall for it not too long after they start making excuses and bringing up expenses, if they have their way and the victim also fall for that, they take as much as they can get and leave no trace.


This method is simply when they create fake accounts of famous celebrity or personality, they pose and act like these celebrities online and use it to extort people.

For example such celebrities were to be invited for a concert or show they hijack it and take as much cash as they can.


This is one of the most effective method these fraudsters use.

They spam a message to hundreds of thousands of people depending on their capacity and tell them they’ve won a lottery and should reply immediately and when they reply and are interested, the scammers give conditions like payments they need to make to complete it etc. at the end of the day they get scammed and lose a lot of money.

Real Estate

This method has been used to deceive foreigners for years and these guys are still using it right now, the trick is quite easy and also lucrative.

The Yahoo boy pretends to be a real estate manager and advertises luxurious and expensive apartments on social media, they post photos of these apartments and make it look legit as a result the victims pay in advance to a particular account and they suddenly disappear without a trace.

Cryptocurrency Scam

After the cryptocurrency market made very serious strides in 2017, this particular type of fraud became rampant.

They simply send links and try to convince their victims to invest in the cryptocurrency market example Bitcoin, Ethereum etc and get double their money in 12hrs, 24hrs or 48hrs, it’s fraud cryptocurrency does not work that way, and once their victims fall they never show their face again.


NB: the purpose of this article is to expose the ways internet fraudsters use in 2020 so as to avoid them.

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