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“I have been infecting men with HIV and I’m sorry, forgive me” – HIV positive lady confesses as she begs victims to forgive her.

“I have been infecting men and I’m sorry, forgive me” – HIV positive lady confesses as she begs victims to forgive her.

HIV/ AIDS is still one of the biggest nightmares for the 21st century since starting to wreck havoc across the world some years back.

People often don’t come out clear if they’re to find themselves positive either by birth or having got it while growing up for the fear of victimization.

Most who contract the disease along the way via one way or the other tend to spread it to other people as a revenge due to the shock they got after the revelation downs on them.

A case of one Kenyan lady simply identified as Harriet Akuna Alias Harriet The First on Instagram .

Harriet recently spread panic among men whom had enjoyed her when she boldly came out to confess she’s HIV positive and all the men she slept with should get tested.

The former university of Nairobi Kikuyu campus student painfully disclosed she was bitter after learning her fate some months ago.

“It’s time I came clean, I was bitter for many months but I can’t do this anymore. I am HIV positive and I have been infecting men”. Read part of her statement .

To the men she came into contact with she said: ” I’m sorry, forgive me get tested if have hanyad you”.

Harriet Vihenda Akunava has confessed openly on social media after infecting men with HIV.

In her recent post on Instagram, Harriett said she is HIV positive and she has been transferring the virus to men she had contact with.

She also pleaded with them to forgive her as she has been bitter for many months now, adding that she decided to come out clean.

Harriet story is just part of Ladies and guys who infect people as a result of bitterness and trust me some will never come out to disclose their status and this serves as a wake up call for men to be careful if they can’t stop preying on campus chicks.

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